Hello Neighbor 2: How to find Map Parts Locations Day 3

In Hello Neighbor 2 most of the time players have to find items. You need to find these items to unlock the secrets of different places. To complete and progress in the game you need to locate them and find them. You also need to solve different puzzles.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Map Parts Locations in Hello Neighbor 2 Day 3.

Map Part 1 (Bear Puzzle):

You need to solve the map puzzle. There are four map parts that you need to find. For the first one, you need to go to the upper portion through the stairs located outside the house. From there you need to go to the basement and there you will find a handle from the statue bear. Take the handle and climb up through the broken part of the room and attach the switch to the second bear statue and pull the handle and take the map part. After that take the map part to the board and attach it.

bear puzzle

Map Part 2 (Oven Puzzle):

For the second part, you need to open the oven which you can do after turning on the four pig switches. Go to the area of the window in front of the oven and climb up from the table through the obstacles. You will find the first switch at the top. Then jump down outside the windows and enter the room you will see the next switch turn on the switch and go upstairs you will find the third switch behind the oven. Go upstairs and climb up through the table within the lamp to turn on the last switch. Go back to the oven and get the map part.

oven puzzle

Map Part 3 (Horn Puzzle):

For this one, you need to find the letters. You will find the first letter from the top of the house. Beside the stairs, you will see a spot from where you can go to the top of the house and get the Letter (U). For the next one climb up through the table in front of the bear and get the letter (B). You will get the next letter (F) from the Toilet Seat. Attach all the letters and open the refrigerator. Get the horn and attach it to open the box to the right side. Take the map part from the box and attach it to the board.

horn puzzle

Map Part 4 (Chest Puzzle):

For the last part, you need to cut the pillow to the right side of the map board and get the key. Take that key and open the chest in the basement. You can go there from outside of the house. Open the box and get the last map part.

chest puzzle