High on Life: How to Complete the G3 Training and Solve tube Puzzle

In High on Life, you have to visit different locations where you will have to complete the bounties. You will ask to do different tasks which you have to complete in order to finish the bounty. The task can be in the form of puzzles and training.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Clear the Obstacle Course in High on Life.

Find the G3 Recruitment Center:

So you have to find the G3 Recruitment Center first to complete the course. You will ask to do the training during the Douglas Bounty. While finding the Douglas you will reach a small modern city where you have to follow the path. Along your way, you will face many enemies you have to defeat. After clearing the Grappling area you will reach the underground place. There you have to defeat more enemies to reach the Recruitment Center.

G3 Training Center Alien

The alien won’t allow you to enter the training center because you don’t have Gooped Protection. Now scan the area and reach the Goop Guy go to the Valley where he asks you to go. He will pour the Goop on you and you will be covered. After getting Gooped go back to the Recruitment Center and the alien will allow you to enter.

It will be a movie theater area where an Orientation Video will play on the screen. In the video, an Alien will introduce himself as G3 Chief.

Complete the Battlefield Training:

G3 Chief will talk about the training after that a path will be shown to you behind the screen. Go to the site and you will be attacked by multiple insects. Kill them to proceed to the obstacles where you have to save yourself from the current. This will be a straight path but the pink current will appear from different places. You have to clear the path and don’t fall. After the training G3 chief will ask you to stay there for 1 hour but you need to escape from there.

Obstacle course

Escape the G3 Training Center:

Look to the right side you will see a path following the red pipes and reach the vent. By using the vent you will reach outside. Use the grappler and reach the pipes where you will meet the Octopus whose name is Dr. Joopy. He will ask you to help him through the pipes because he can’t travel through the pipes because the pipes are blocked.

How to solve the pipe puzzle:

You will find the pipes in the next room. You need to connect the pipes and this will make the path for Dr. Joopy. Shoot the black object to make the path. You will be able to align the pipe easily but you need to find the pipe which will be attached to the upper side and shoot the mark to drop the pipe and this will make the path for the octopus. You always have to align the blue pipe to make the path. You need to solve the puzzle again. After clearing some way you will fall down from the grappler where you have to defeat multiple enemies.

Dr. Joopy

Solve the Second Pipe Puzzle:

After defeating the enemies you will exit the area and you will reach the next pipe puzzle. The first one was easy to complete. But this one is a little bit lengthy. This puzzle is a little far but you can switch between guns to hit the target. When you connect the right pipe the green light on the pipes will turn on which will tell you the alignment is right. First, align the bottom pipes and then the middle one. After that move to the other side to connect the upper pipes. It will take some time to align the pipes.

Solving the Second Pipe Puzzle

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