High on Life: How to find Warp Remote in Krubis Bounty  

In High on Life you will explore many areas where you have to find many items and these items will be helpful for you to progress in game. Each area has its specific items that you have to find like Warp Remote which you have to find.

In this guide, we will discuss How to find Warp Remote in High on Life.

After completing your first bounty Gene will ask you to place your next bounty there you have to interact with the bounty machine and select your next bounty. You will have two options there Krubis Bounty and Douglas Bounty. You have to accept the Krubis Bounty and you will be teleport to the Jungle.

Speak to the Moplets:

You have to explore the jungle and you will also face some aliens in your way. You will see a Warp Base arrive you have to kill the aliens and get the Warp Crystal form the Warp Base. After getting the crystal scan the area and you will see multiple moplets there. Look for the two moplets together and talk to them and they will thank you for saving their village. Ask them about the krubis and they will tell you that there is a man across the river who has the access to Krubis Warp Device.


Find a Way across the River:

Now you need find a path across the river. Your suit has a dash ability to fast forward in air. You can use the ability by using the B button after the Jump. Means you need to jump and then press B to use the Dash forward in the mid air. Go to the Warp station on the river and get the crystal after killing the alien. Now you need to make a path climb up.

You will see a green egg on the wall shoot the egg to make the path but the path will stay for few seconds. Now you need to cross the waterfall which you can by using the knife ability. After moving forward you will meet a deserter flying drone.

crossing the river

Talk to the Krubis Friend and take the Remote:

After talking to him move forward and you will see a swinging structure. You have to shoot the poison bubble on the front side which will throw you across the water. Now you need to free the bridge structure to the right side. Shoot the bubble behind the structure to expand it. Climb on it and use the knife Tether Ability which basically work likes a grappler. Shoot the structure in your way to clear your path. You will reach a shop where you can buy the DuraHealth Tank and Ammo Sac. Move forward and you will face some enemies.

Defeat the enemies and move forward. You will reach to the mansion where you need to talk to krubis friend. After talking to him reach the machine where you will get the Warp Remote. Take the remote and talk to Krubis friend for a little bit. After talking to him move back to Village across the river.

Talk to Krubis

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