High on Life: How to get the Lezduit weapon

In High on Life, you will get many weapons during the progress in the game. All the weapons have different abilities which you can utilize to complete the bounty. You will receive a weapon when you escape Dr. Giblets Base.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Lezduit weapon in High on Life.

Escape the Dr. Giblets Base:

After he died you decided to leave the area when you will hear the alarm which will trigger the Security lockdown. You will fall down and reach the area where you will hear the hologram recording of Dr. Giblets. He will congratulate you on killing him and he will launch a security protocol because he knows this would happen. He will alert the enemies and ask you if you can survive his retribution.

escape dr. giblets base

Defeat the Enemies:

You will see multiple enemies will appear from the alarming gates. They will appear in a pattern you will see some enemies that will use claws shaped like crawfish. You will see some enemies use the guns and some will do long jumps to approach.  After killing them you will see the hologram again he will ask you if you have passed his phase and he has the plan to launch the second phase. In this phase, you will see multiple alien crawfishes which will quickly jump toward you and chases you.

You can use the Creature Weapon to kill them and also use the Sweezy slow bubble ability to give them more damage. You will also see some drones that will attack you and can explode when you hit them several times. After killing them you will see multiple snipers will appear which you need to kill and after that, some giants will appear they will use their right hand to do a smash attack. You will also see some mind-controlled enemies that you need to kill.


After killing them he will launch the Nipulon. After that, you will see the sight will be filling with the poison which will appear through the pipes. There will be multiple enemy bases that will appear from different positions.

You will see multiple enemies through the base they will use the flame attack in which they will throw multiple flames at the same time. They can also disappear quickly and attack you. In the end, the poison level increases, and more enemies will appear. After killing them get out of there from the magnetic wall.

escape the base

How to Find the Lezduit Weapon:

After getting out go back to the lab where you see the Busted Gatlian. Go and interact with the machine to get the Gatlian. At the time it was busted due to the experiment by the G3 but it will be fixed later by the Gene. He will fix the weapon when you will return from killing the Nipulon.

getting Lezdduit weapon

Lezduit Weapon Ability:

Lezduit Weapon shoots an electric laser that can kill enemies instantly. After using all his power you need to wait for a little time. Lezduit Weapon has a 100 ammo capacity.

lezduit weapon ability