How to Climb in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet give an amazing opportunity to explore the vast world of Pokémon. Where you can visit different locations. This will also allow the players to find different materials. Some materials you have to find in higher places where you can’t go without using the ability. You need to use the Climbing ability to climb the higher places. You will also be able to use other abilities like swimming and Flying Ability but first, you have to unlock them.

In this guide, we will discuss how to climb in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Climb Ability in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet:

So in the world of Pokémon, you have to gather the Pokémon, materials, and items to progress in the game. These things are situated at different high climbing points where you can’t reach out by walking. You need to climb up there to get your desired items. For that, you need to use the climbing ability but first, you need to unlock the ability.

How to unlock Climbing Ability:

You need to unlock the ability for which you have to fight with the titan for a specific ability. Titans are located in different locations. You need to defeat the titans to get the ability. Before fighting with the Titan you need to be fully prepared because they can give a hefty amount of damage in just a simple one hit. So you need to get the healing potion. You can get lemonade from Cortondo East where you will see a vending machine. Each Lemonade will cost you around 350 Poke Dollars. A lemonade will give you 70 HP which will be enough for you to fill your HP bar.

Climbing Ability Location:

Now you need to find the Titan which you will be to find to the east of Casseroya Lake to the right side of the Island. It’s a small Island Place where you will see a small fish titan. There you have to fight with the Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan.

Casseroya Lake

How to Defeat Dondozo

So you will encounter this boss near the Island on the water. I will suggest you use the Naclstack Pokémon and use the salt ability during the fight. Each hit will give you a lot of damage so you need to use the Lemonade potion every time you got hit. So you can heal yourself and stay in the battle.  You need to repeat the same process in the second and you will get the Climb Surfaces ability. Which you can use by pressing the B button while facing the wall. And use the left stick to move.  

Dondozo boss

A little bit of advice here that I would recommend or at least don’t worry too much if you let your (Naclstack ) actually faint just before the great dust so it still dies from using your other Pokémon as fodder bodies which you are fine to do and have the salt cure beat it while you’re (Naclstack) is fainted that way your (Naclstack) won’t get experienced because ironically if it levels up too much during this process it will go to a higher health total than 71 meaning that lemonades won’t fully heal it meaning you cant chain reactivate sturdy every turn and that will actually work against you.