How to Evolve Slakoth into Slaking in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Slakoth is a lazy and normal type PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon Scarlet and Violet. Slakoth has the Truant ability. Slakoth also has Scratch, Yawn, Flail, and Slack Off moves. These will be the basic moves that you can later upgrade to teach him more moves. Slakoth can also evolve.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Evolve Slakoth into Slaking in PokΓ©mon Scarlet and Violet.

Stats of Slakoth Pokemon

These are some of the base stats of Slakoth.

  • HP (60)
  • Attack (60)
  • Defense (60)
  • Special Attack (35)
  • Special Defence (35)
  • Speed (30)
slakoth habitat

The total of Slakoth stats is 280 which is the lowest but as a starter, in the game, Slakoth will be good for you. You can further increase his level by hyper training and TMs Moves.

How to Evolve Slakoth

To evolve a PokΓ©mon you need to catch the PokΓ©mon first. You need to find and catch the Slakoth.

How to find and Catch Slakoth

You can find Slakoth in these locations.

  • South Province (Area Five)   
  • South Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Three)
slakoth location

Slakoth usually likes to spawn near the trees and are rarely seen. When you go to these locations look for the Slakoth on the tree branches.

Picnic and Sandwiches for Catching Slakoth

To make Slakoth appear more start a picnic and craft a sandwich that has normal power. These are the sandwiches that you can craft for normal power.

  • Master Noodle Sandwich
  • Master Zesty Sandwich
  • Great Tofu Sandwich

You can check for the ingredients that you need and make sure you bring those ingredients before starting the picnic. Assemble the sandwich of your choice and it will give you a normal power buff for half an hour.

catching slakoth

After that interact with Slakoth and catch him by throwing the Poke Ball.

How to evolve Slakoth into Slaking

When you catch Slakoth his level is 19 and 21. You need to increase Slakoth level to reach a certain level which will make him evolve into his advanced form. First Slakoth will evolve into Vigoroth. After catching just increase one level of Slakoth by giving him the experience item or Fire stone and any other evolution item.

When Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth you need to increase his level to 36. You can use Vigoroth in battles which will make his level higher. You can also use the evolution items. You can also hyper-train Vigoroth which will increase his level as well as moves.  After Slakothreach at level 36, Vigoroth will evolve into Slaking.

evolving slakoth into slaking

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