How to find All Green Stakes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have many Pokémon that you have to find in the game. Some Pokémon you can find in the open areas near the trees. But there are some legendary and iconic Pokémon that you have to find in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. They are not easier to find you have to unlock the places to find them. To unlock those places first you have to find the materials and resources.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Green Stake Locations and GroundBlight Shrine Locations.

What is Green Stake:

Green Stakes are secret items that you have to find in a different location of the region. We need to find eight Green Stakes to open a place (Green Shrine) where you have to unlock it and find the legendary Pokémon.

green stake

There are a total of Eight Green Takes.

The First Green Stake:

Let’s start with the first green stake before that you need to unlock all the abilities. It will make it easier to find the green because you have to go through a difficult path. This is in the western province starting through the watch tower across the river. You have to go to the underground place which is under the big mountain holding through the pillars. You will find this Stake on the rock go there by climbing and pulling out the stake.

casseroya watchtower no. 1

The Second Green Stake:

So for the second Green Stake, you don’t need to go anywhere you will find it near the first one. After getting the first one move down by jumping and get the second Green Stake.

green stake location

The Third Green Stake:

Just go to the left side to the west of the area near the corner of the cliff. That’s where you going to find the third Green Stake around the tree.

third green stake location

The Fourth Green Stake:

As you move toward the north of the First Green Stake Location you will find a small island by crossing the river. Go there and grab the Green Stake.

fourth green stake location

The Fifth Green Stake:

Let’s move to the next one you will find this Green Stake to the north of the island on Casseroya Lake. You will be able to find this Stake to the east of the Lake.

fifth green stake location

The Sixth Green Stake:

Go to the east of Casseroya Lake where you will find this stake on the snow area of Glaseado Mountain. Near the Waterfall within the cliffs, you will be able to find this Green Stake.

sixth green stake location

The Seventh Green Stake:

You can find this Green Stake in the western North Province (Area Three). So this is between the side place of the mountain don’t make the mistake to fall from the mountain. Just slide and get the Stake.

seventh green stake location

The Eighth Green Stake:

You can find this Green Stake to the East of the North Paldean Sea where you will find the Ruin area. You will be able to find the Stake on the cliff.

eighth green stake location

Groundblight Shrine Location:

After Collecting all the Green Stakes you need to go to the Socarrat Trail where you will be to find the location of the Grounblight Shrine. Enter the shrine and you will encounter the legendary Pokémon.

socorrat trail location

This is how you can find and all the Green Stakes and Groundblight Shrine.

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