How to find Dawn Stone in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokémon Scarlet and violet players can do multiple things which will keep them entertained. You can find different Pokémon evolve them and also increase your level. You can also find different materials and items. Which sometimes are evolving themes and sometimes these upgrade items are situated in different locations on the map. One of the secret items is Dawn Stone which you have to find that is an Evolving Stone.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Dawn Stone in Pokémon Scarlet and violet.

Dawn Stone

We have to evolve different Pokemon in Pokémon Scarlet and violet for that we have to find Secret Stones situated in different locations. Dawn stone is a Light blue-colored evolving stone that sparkles like a glittering eye.

How to find Dawn Stone

So, the secret stones are not the ones that you can find on your way. You have to find them separately. You will be able to find Dawn stone toward the west of the Medali Gym (West Province Area Three). Just move toward the red mark from the gym and you will be able to find the stone near the wall. Interact with the stone to get it.

You will be able to find the stone in the secret which is Area Zero where you can also get other items. But first, you need to unlock the area which you will be able to mid-game. There are many sectors in Area Zero. Enter and Choose the first Sector and go toward the left side and reach the lake by climbing the waterfall. You will be able to find Dawn Stone as well as other stones.

West Province Area Three

Why we need Dawn Stone

As you this game has an evolving system that let the players to evolve their Pokémon and level them up. But you need to find the secret items to evolve which is basically most of the time are the Stones obviously. The Dawn Stone is required to Evolve Male Kirilia into Gallade which is an evolving Pokémon. Evolving Pokémon helps the players to win battles against high-level Pokémon and trainers.

Male Kirilia evolution

This is how you can find the Dawn Stone. We hope this guide will help you.

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