How to Get PP Up in Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet

PP Up in Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet is a medicine item that is used to increase the Max PP of a single move by 20%. It can be used up to three times per move and increases the Pokemon’s Happiness as well. Once the battle is over the effects of PP go away. PP Up can be useful in high-rank battles

In this guide, we will explain how to get PP Up in Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet.

PP Up Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

These are some locations where you can look for PP Up. You need to look at the island of these areas where you will get a shiny item.

  • Western Casseroya Lake
  • North Province (Area One)
  • West Province (Area One)
PP Up Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Get PP Ups in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

PP Up is the most useful item which you need to find. You will be to find PP Up in different ways.

  1. Chansey Supply Shops
  2. Porto Marinada Auction
  3. Academy Ace Tournament
  4. Rare Pokemon
  5. PP Up Locations

Get PP Ups From Chansey Supply Shops

Where can I buy PP Up in Pokemon Violet? The easiest way to find the PP Up is at Chansey Supply shop in the main market of the Paldea Region. Go to the shop and look for PP Up you will find this item at the top of the list. To buy PP UP the price varies. It might cost you 10000 Poke Dollars.

Get PP Ups From Chansey Supply Shops

Get PP Up At Porto Marinada Auction

You can also get PP Up in Porto Marinada by participating in the auction. You can win the auction and get the PP Up. This will cost you 10000 to 12000 Poke Dollars but the number of items will be more. The Auction will be available after completing the Cascarrafaโ€™s Gym Challenge.

Get PP Up as a Reward in Academy Ace Tournament

You can compete in Academy Ace Tournament and after winning you will get PP Up as a reward. But you need to unlock it by defeating all the eight gym leaders. In the reward pool, you will also get other useful items along with PP Up.

4. Rare Pokรฉmon

In the Game, you need to catch the Pokรฉmon so you can compete with the trainers by upgrading them. You will catch some rare Pokemon like Larvesta, Dunsparce, and Paldean Tauros.

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