How to get Shiny Tinkaton Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Tinkaton is a Fairy and Steel Type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Tinkaton is one of the popular and new Pokémon in the game. Tikaton has Mold Breaker and Own Tempo Ability. Tinkaton Pokémon also have Pickpocket which is a hidden ability. Tinkaton Pokémon also have Fairy Wind, Gigaton Hammer, and Draining Kiss moves.

In this guide, we will discuss How to get Shiny Tinkaton Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Stats of Tinkaton Pokémon

These are some basic stats of Tinkaton Pokémon.

  • HP (85)
  • Attack (75)
  • Defence (77)
  • Special Attack (70)
  • Special Defence (105)
  • Speed (94)

The total score of Tinkaton’s base stats is 506. You can increase these stats by training Tinkaton and teaching him new moves. You can also increase your Tinkaton Level by doing battles with other Pokémon and trainers. Tinkaton Pokémon evolved by Tinkatuff at level 38.  

How to Get Shiny Tinkaton

Shiny Hunting is a little bit different than Normal Pokémon. So you need to follow these steps to get the Shiny Tinkaton Pokémon. First, you need to catch the Shiny Tinkatuff.

  • Tinkatuff Pokémon Location
  • Sandwich Making
  • Difference b/w shiny and normal

Tinkatuff Pokémon Location

Tinkatuff Pokémon like to spawn near trees and grass. You will be able to find Tinkatuff in Dalizapa Passage. You need to go there by fast traveling and head towards the west of the Dalizapa Passage. You will see multiple trees and rocks there which is the best place to get the shiny Tinkatuff.

Location of Tinkatuff Pokemon

Sandwich Making

Now you need to start the picnic. A picnic will also use to spawn and respawn the Pokémon. At the picnic, you need to make a sandwich that has Sparkling Power and Encounter power. You need to make the sandwich of level three encounter power. You can make any sandwich by putting one ingredient and one Herba Mystica. This will give you the buff for half an hour.

Make Sandwich with Sparkling Power

Difference Between Shiny and Normal

Tinkatuff Pokémon has a hammer in his hand. The Normal Tinkatuff will have a Blue Hammer and the Shiny Tinkatuff will have a Brown Hammer. Look for the Shiny with the camera after making the sandwich. Try to use the picnic, again and again, this will increase your chance to get the Shiny Tinkatuff more.

How to Catch Shiny Tinkatuff

Tinkatuff Pokémon will spawn in groups and you need to look for the shiny one very carefully. After spotting the Shiny one begin the battle and just throw the Poke Balls to get the Pokémon. They will be of lower level so you don’t need to worry.

Caught Tinkatuff in pokeball
Evolve Shiny Tinkatuff Pokémon

Now you need to evolve the shiny Tinkatuff into Tinkaton. You need to increase Tinkatuff Level to 38. At the time when you caught Tinkatuff, his level will be 24. You can just increase Tinkatuff Level by using the Experience items and evolving items. After Evolving you will get the Shiny Tinkaton.