How To Heal Fast In The Callisto Protocol (Healing System)

Always look at your Core Device to check your HP level.

In The Calisto Protocol, you are playing a protagonist named Jacob Lee. He has a Core Device, an implant on his back that shows the current HP Level. As you proceed in this sci-fi survival horror game you will encounter mutated humans that will attack you so keeping taps on HP is important.

If you got too much damage the Core Device will start blinking red and if you didn’t heal yourself you might end up dead.

So we don’t want you (Jacob Lee) dead instead read this article on how to heal fast in The Callisto Protocol.

How to Heal Fast in The Callisto Protocol

Throughout The Calisto Protocol, you will two major sources to heal fast i.e.

  • Heath Injector and
  • Health Gel

You can find the Health Injector from the wall-mounted boxes or by looting the crates. If your HP is too low you can select Injection and press the Down button on the controller to use it.

Increasing health using an Injector takes about 4 seconds meanwhile you are vulnerable to attacks. So we recommend always using a Health injector in The Calisto Protocol when you are away from enemies or hiding.

You can also use Injector from the inventory screen. Soon you use Injector the Heath Bar will quickly increase glowing green.

The second course to heal fast in The Calisto Protocol is to collect Health Gel by killing the enemies and stomping their corpses. most enemies contain gel so instead of using the Injector always look for the Heath Gel.

How To Get More/Permanent Heath in The Calisto Protocol

To get a permanent increase in the health bar you have to work for it. As the protagonist starts the story in the prisoner’s outfit that has low health and inventory.

Once you finish Habitat chapter 3 Elias will find a security armor for you. Wear this new armor and activate the suit’s visor. You will see that the implant shows a longer health bar, meaning the hero’s vitality has increased.

Can I upgrade HP in The Calisto Protocol To Heal Fast?

Yes, you can upgrade your health bar as you earn more Callisto Credits.