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Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform? How to cross-play on Xbox and PC?

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform? How to cross-play on Xbox and PC?

If you are wondering whether Sea of Thieves is cross-platform or not, and how to cross-play works in Sea of Thieves on Xbox and PC then take it easy because we are here to explain it.

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform in 2022?

Yes, Sea of Thieves is cross-platform to play across PC, XBOX ONE, and XBOX Series X/S. You can link up with your friends by inviting them to take on anything that the Sea of Thieves has in store

The main edge you get in playing Sea of thieves cross-platform is that you can continue from your saved progress and character. It’s because when you are playing Sea of Thieves on Steam, the Xbox PC app, or on Xbox itself, an Xbox Live account is required to save your progress.

The main advantage of Sea of Thieves is that you can play with any person who is playing Sea of Thieves from any platform. It is also helpful for new gamers on Xbox or PC in the sense that they can easily find their friends and family members despite having different platforms, who can help them in starting on their platform. It makes a stronger sense of belongingness within Sea of Thieves resultantly the crew will be more diverse.

How to Cross-Play in Sea of Thieves on Xbox and PC?

You don’t need to mess with the settings to enable crossplay. With the simple get-go method, you can instantly enable Sea of Thieves crossplay.

Add your friends via the in-game menu to join the lobby and get started where you left in crossplay.

How to add friends in Sea of Thieves?

You have to make sure that your friends are added through the Xbox App, to add them in Sea of Thieves, without being influenced by which platform you are playing on.

How to add friends on a PC?

To add your friends on your PC, follow these instructions:

How to add friends on Xbox?

On Xbox, you will need to follow these steps to add friends:

After completing these steps, by clicking on the button for Invite Friends as shown in the image above, you will be able to invite your friends to the game from the lobby screen. Then you have to just select the name of your friends from the window that pops up, and here you go, it’s done, enjoy the sea journey!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Play Co-Op Sea of Thieves XBOX?

To play co op in Sea of thieves on Xbox open up the console menu and pick the Multiplayer tab which is the second from the left and choose to start a party.

For PC players to play co op Sea of Thieves you have to download XBOX app from Microsoft store. Then Add them to your friends list, then use it to form a party.

How many Playesr can Add in Sea of Thieves Co Op?

At most, four players on one ship

How to Play Sea of Thieves on Mobile?

If you have xbox game pass ultimate you can stream sot to your android phone (maybe to apple phones now or soon).

Is Sea of Thieves on PS4 and PS5?

No, Sea of Thieves is only available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (PC).

Is Sea of Thieves Free?

There’s no way to download Sea of Thieves for free on PC or XBOX. You need to buy the SOT on Steam after paying $12.99.

Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform with Nintendo Switch?

No, currently Sea of Thieves is not available to cross play on Nintendo switch.

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