All KoboldKare Cheats & Console Commands in 2024

Spawn infinite money and items, using the cheats, objects and reagents Ids.

Looking for KoboldKare Cheats & Console Commands to unlock items, explosives, recipes, food, reagent, as well as the infinite money cheat.

Here we have mentioned all the available cheat codes in KoboldKare. Before using these commands make sure that the game version is above 325_5779766.

The newly KoboldKare cheat and console commands were added with Patch 325_5779766. With the patch some effects and commands may change so for now it is the most updated KoboldKare cheats.

KoboldKare Cheats & Console Commands – Cheats

There aren’t a lot of console commands, but then you can combine them with a lot of ids, so you can get pretty much anything, these are the console commands.

The following commands can be used by hitting enter when in first or third-person view.

  • /cheats – Enable or Disable cheats
  • /help – Lists the cheat, help, list and give commands
  • /list – Lists all available objects and reagents that can be given with the given command
  • /list equipment – lists items that can be equipped with the /equip command
  • /give – Gives or places any object shown with the list command
  • /give machines – Instantly purchases all contracts
  • /equip – equips any equipable item
  • /kick – Kicks the entered player (number) from your game
  • /list players – Lists all players
  • /swap – Instantly swap your active Kobold with the Kobold you are looking directly at
  • /impulse101 – Maxes all stats for the currently active (player) Kobold
  • /c*m – Makes you ejaculate.
  • /d*ck – Changes your current d*ck to the entered type

KoboldKare Cheats & Console Commands – Items Ids

The most interesting thing is to combine the “give” command with the ids that we are going to show you next.

The following objects can be spawned with /give <Object Name> additionally some objects will also take an amount modifier. For example, /give Water 15 which will give a bucket of 15 water instead of the default 20.

KoboldKare Items Ids

Note that items are case sensitive

  • Banana = Banana can be juiced
  • BananaSeed = seed bag (Banana plant)
  • Bomb = Bomb for clearing dirt plots
  • Bucket = empty Bucket
  • Chest = immovable chest
  • Egg = Kobold Egg
  • Eggplant = Eggplant can be juiced
  • EggplantSeed = seed bag (Eggplant)
  • EquineDick = Equine Toy
  • Gloves = Gloves, can be worn
  • Kobold = random Male/Female Kobold
  • Hardhat = wearable Hardhat
  • Heart = Heart, can be juiced
  • HighHeels = High Heels, can be worn
  • Ice = Ice, can be juiced
  • KandiDick = Two-tone Equine Toy with piercings
  • KnottedDick = canine toy
  • Melon = Melon can be juiced
  • MelonSeed = seed bag (Melon plant)
  • NippleBarbellPiercingsEquippable = Nipple Piercings can be worn
  • NipplePump = Nipple Pump
  • Onahole = Sleeve type Toy
  • Pineapple = Pineapple can be juiced
  • PineappleSeed = seed bag (Pineapple plants)
  • Plant = planted egg can be watered
  • Scanner = scanner device (content amounts)
  • SpikeCollar = Spiked Collar
  • SpikeyBracelet = x2Spiked Bracelets
  • Tailbag = Tailbag object
  • TailCollar = Spiked Tail Ring
  • TaperedDick = Lizard-shaped Toy
  • Trough = Trough
  • WateringCan = Watering Can
  • PachinkoBall = For the Pachinko game
  • TopHat = Top Hat (Cannot be worn)
  • MiniRadio = For the 99 Club
  • Debris = giant version of the rocks found on farm plots
  • MoneyPile = Money pile (but $0 value)
  • FluidProjectile = non-collidable fluid that has a chance to cover you
  • SoilTile = immovable farm plot
  • StarDoor = 0 Star Door
  • ExplosionPrefab = Literal Explosion
  • Mushroom = Mushroom can be Juiced
  • Wheat = Wheat can be juiced
  • WheatSeed = seed bag (Wheat)
  • Fish = Fish that explodes into Ground Beef when touched
  • Steak = Ground Beef

KoboldKare Reagents Ids

Note that items are case sensitive

  • Blood = bucket of blood
  • Egg = Kobold Egg
  • EggplantJuice = Bucket of Eggplant Juice
  • Explosium = bucket of liquid explosion
  • Fat = bucket of fat
  • GrowthSerum = bucket of Growth Serum
  • Ice = Gives Ice
  • IncompleteGrowthSerumA = bucket of incomplete growth serum
  • IncompleteGrowthSerumB = Does nothing
  • Love = bucket of love
  • MelonJuice = bucket of melon juice
  • Milk = bucket of milk
  • MilkShake = milkshake
  • PineappleJuice = Pineapple juice
  • Potassium = banana juice
  • ScrambledEgg = bucket of scrambled egg
  • Water = bucket of water
  • Wood = bucket of liquid wood
  • ♥♥♥ = condom
  • MushroomJuice = bucket of mushroom juice
  • PineapplePopsicle = Popsicle
  • Flour = bucket of flour
  • Dough = ball of dough
  • Burger = burger
  • GroundBeef = bucket of ground beef
  • BananaSplit = banana split
  • Cake = cake
  • EggNog = gives eggnog
  • Yogurt = Gives Yogurt
  • Pie = pie
  • EggDinner = bucket of Egg Dinner

Other Items Ids in KoboldKare

  • Money <Amount>
  • Stars <Amount>

Dangly Parts Commands in KoboldKare

The following d*cks can be swapped to the active player Kobold with the /d*ck command. For example, /d*ck KandiDickFlared

Note that items are case sensitive

KoboldDickEquineStandard Horse Member
KoboldDickTaperedLong tapered Lizard/Avian styled member
KoboldDickKnottedKnotted chimera-like member
KandiDickFlaredAlternate Horse member with a much larger head and piercings
SpikeyDickLong tapered member covered in nubs
PlatedDickAnother chimera-like member with a knot and ridged sections
HumanoidDickGeneric humanoid-style member
KoboldDickPrehensileSimilar to the tapered member with a flared base and hooked tip

Note: D*cks added with workshop items should be selected the same way, use the /list command to find the corresponding name.

Equippable Items Commands in KoboldKare

The following items can be equipped to the currently active player Kobold with the /equip command. For example, /equip TopHat

Note that items are case sensitive

GrabbyGlovesSpiked Gloves
HardHatThe construction style hard had
HighHeelsHigh heel boots
SpikedCollarSpiked Collar
SpikeyBraceletsSpiked bracelets
TailbagStrap with pouches worn on the base of the tail
TailCollarA spiked collar worn on the tail
NippleBarbellsBarbell piercings
SpikeyDickChanges the Kobolds member to a Barbed tapered style
PlatedDickChanges the Kobolds member to a layered and knotted Hybrid style
TopHatTiny little Top Hat (adorable)