Metro Exodus Console Commands And Cheat Codes

Unlock the God Mode, get infinite ammo, get health in the game, and many more using the given cheats.

Metro Exodus has some Console Commands that you can use to redeem and unlock items in the game. You can unlock the God Mode as well as get infinite ammo and health in the game. This will make it pretty easy to play and complete Metro Exodus.

Apart from providing the console commands & cheats, we’ll also tell you how to enable the console in Metro Exodus.

How to Enable the Console in Metro Exodus?

If you want to enable the console in Metro Exodus, you need to install a Cheat Engine Table to enable both the Noclip mode and the developer console. This modifies the game’s memory to allow for cheats to be used.

Metro Exodus Console Commands

There are multiple different classes of Metro Exodus console commands. Each set of commands adds or changes a crucial game setting. Messing with this too much can brick your savings, so be mindful of that. Here is a list of all the console commands of Metro Exodus.

Cheat Codes Cheat Effect
new_game_plus_allowedUse the code to unlock game plus on the main menu
ngp_armored_modeUse the code to unlock +1 armor level to all human NPCs
ngp_backpack_limitYou will only be able to craft using the workbench
ngp_bad_weathertMake weather effects such as Fog, Sand Storn, Rain & snow more frequent
ngp_ngp_dev_commentsdev_commentsUse the code to allow Green tape players to play developer commentary
ngp_grenadier_modeUse the code to unlock more grenades for human NPCs
ngp_iron_modeUse the code to unlock save between levels
ngp_radiation_modeUse the code to unlock additional radiation areas
ngp_realtime_weatherUsing this code unlocks changes to the day cycle from 2 to 24 hours
ngp_tough_creaturesUse the code to unlock + armor (thick hide) for creatures

Map Console Commands

Cheat Codes Cheat Effect
m3\000Main Menu
m3\01_dead_moscowMoscow Map
m3\05_winterWinter Map
m3\06_bridgeThe Volga Map
m3\06_springSpring Map
m3\07_yamantauYamantau Map
m3\08_desertThe Caspian Map
m3\08_summer Summer Map
m3\12_valleyThe Taiga Map
m3\12_autumnAutumn Map
m3\13_deadcityThe Dead City Map
m3\14_outro Finale Map
m3\dlc_1_deadcityThe Two Colonels Map
m3\dlc_2_vladivostokSam’s Story Map

Configuration Console Commands

Cheat Codes Cheat Effect
change_map Use this code to go to any map
change_map_clUse this code to go to the previous one
change_map_nlUse this code to get a list of the available maps
disconnectUse this code to disconnect from the server
enable_backpack_craftUse this code to enable backpack crafting ability
enable_costumes_craftUse this code to change costumes upgrades in the workbench
g_autopickupAuto collects all the loot
g_disable_hud_scale_collTo set the weapon scale
g_game_difficultyUse this code to change the difficulty
g_god Use this code to change to Deathless or god mode
g_global_godUse this code to go to the previous command, but for everyone
g_notargetUse this code so that NPCs can’t target the player
g_player_speed_scale Scales up player speed
g_ranger_hud_alphaOnly works on in-game difficulty 3 (Ranger)
g_survival_mode Use this code to unlock survival mode
g_unlimitedammoUse this code to get unlimited ammo and medkits
gameloadUse this code to load the game.
gamesave Use this code to save the game.
hud_scale_force_xySet previous comment to 3 and set the position
hud_scale_typeUse this code to change weapon position (value 0 to 5)
joy_sens_y_scaleUse this code to change the Pitch sensitivity scale
mapUse this code to load any map, but first use the previous command
nextlevelUse this code to skip the current mission
ngp_sneaky_combatUse this code to enable sneaky combat more
r_base_fovUse this code to set field of view
r_bloom_prefilteredTry value “0”
r_exposure_bloomTry value “-1”
r_exposure_controlUse this code to set gamma (Directx 12)
r_gammaUse this code to set gamma (Directx 11)
ranger_mode_gameUse this code to start ranger mode
restart Use this code to restart a map
return_to_main_menuUse this code to return to main menu
pauseUse this code to pause game
weapon_countValues 1 to 3

Metro Exodus Graphics Console Commands

Cheat CodesCheat Effect
ph_dbg_render_range Default = 150, but try =20
ph_dbg_render_range Default = 96, but try =20
r_adaptive_ssaDefault = 1, but try =0
r_dof_tile_max Default = 1, but try =0
r_enum_ssaaDefault = 10, but try =5
r_foliage_scale_clr_mpDefault = 1.2, but try =0.5
r_foliage_scale_ao_mp Default = 1.1, but try =0.5
r_foliage_scale_rangeDefault = 1.25, but try =0.5
r_lod_shadow_qualityDefault = 1, but try =0.5

This is everything you need to know about the Metro Exodus Console Commands.