All Operation Harsh Doorstop Cheats & Console Commands in 2024

Looing for internal hack, cheats, or trainer!

Defending against the enemy invasion in Operation: Harsh Doorstop can be quite difficult. That is why many players look for cheat and console commands to get vehicles, weapons, and grenades at an early stage.

To ease up your gameplay there are several Operation Harsh Doorstop Cheats & Console Commands that are 100% working. Using these OHD cheats you can enable god mod, fly, spawn vehicles, open maps, and more…..

In this article, we have listed down all the cheats in Operation Harsh Doorstop with their commands. Use these console commands to blow your enemy instantly.

How to Enable Cheat Console in Operation Harsh Doorstop?

Before you activate Operation Harsh Doorstop console commands you need to activate the cheat console. for that follow these steps:

  1. Press the tilde key [~] to activate cheat mode (top left of keyboards)
  2. Use the EnableCheats Command
  3. Enter any of the provided cheats/commands

All Operation Harsh Doorstop Cheats & Console Commands

These are all the cheats or console commands:

  • open NAMEOFMAP – Cheat effect: Opens the desired map.
  • god – Cheat effect: Gives user unlimited health
  • fly – Cheat effect: Gives the player floating powers.
  • ghost – Cheat effect: Disables collision and enables flying
  • AddBots # – Cheat effect: Adds bots into the server.
  • slomo # – Cheat effect: Slow down time.
  • showhud – Cheat effect: Toggles HUD
  • HD.Game.DisableKitRestrictionsOverride # – Cheat effect: Removes kit restrictions altogether.
  • net.MinPlayersOverride # – Cheat effect: Sets the minimum amount of players on a server.
  • net.MaxPlayersOverride # – Cheat effect: Sets the maximum amount of players on a server.
  • Game.AutoBalanceTeamsOverride # – Cheat effect: Turns off auto team balancing.
  • Bot.Autofill # – Cheat effect: Auto fills bots
  • fov newfov # – Cheat effect: Changes player field of view.
  • help – Cheat effect: Outputs help text to the console and the log
  • Stat FPS – Cheat effect: Toggles FPS
  • ToggleFreeAim – Cheat effect: Toggles free aim
  • ToggleFreeAimADS – Cheat effect: Toggles free aim while ADSing.
  • ToggleGunRecoil – Cheat effect: Switches recoil off and on
  • ToggleGunInfiniteClipAmmo – Cheat effect: Infinite rounds without reloading
  • ToggleGunInfiniteAmmo – Cheat effect: Infinite Ammo is given
  • ToggleDebugCamera – Cheat effect: Allows the player to navigate the camera anywhere.
  • ToggleForceDefaultMatrerial – Cheat effect: Replaces all textures from objects to default material.
  • disconnect – Cheat effect: Disconnects from the server
  • quit – Cheat effect: Closes the entire application
  • suicide – Cheat effect: Kills oneself
  • pause – Cheat effect: Pauses the game
  • kick USERNAME – Cheat effect: Kicks player from server
  • ban USERNAME – Cheat effect: Bans player from server
  • bugit – Cheat effect: Screenshots screen with a description
  • spawnvehicle – Cheat effect: Spawns vehicle
  • EnableGDT – Cheat effect: Toggles game debugger tool
  • EnableCheats – Cheat effect: Enables cheats in a server

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How to Download Operation Harsh Doorstop?

The process is quite simple.

  1. Visit the UnKnoWnCheaTs forum and create an account and then download the game cheat.
  2. You can also download OHD Internal Rewrite by visiting GitHub.
  3. To run the script you need to Download Extreme Injector to inject the DLL files.

Download Operation Harsh Doorstop Trainer

Another cheat option is that players have to use chat trainers. One of the best and most reliable sources of trainers is WeMod. This chat mod offers 10 cheat options making you fully capable to defeat enemies.

Download Operation Harsh Doorstop Trainer

The WeMod trainer supports Steam players as well and is very easy to use. To get this OHD cheat trainer simply visit their official site to download it.

  • Player
    • Unlimited Health
    • Unlimited Team Health
    • Unlimited Stamina
    • Unlimited Jump Stamina
    • Set Player Speed
    • Set Jump Height
  • Weapon
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • No Reload
  • Enemy
    • One-Hit Kills
  • Game
    • Set Game Speed