How To Activate Oxygen Not Included Debug Commands Menu?

Listed all the debug commands & learn how to enable debugging in-game.

You’ll love playing the Oxygen Not Included with an easier route because this game contains a debug mode that lets you use commands and cheats.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the Oxygen Not Included cheats, console commands, and how to enable the Debug mode, so you can enjoy the benefits of cheats.

How To Activate the Debug Menu in Oxygen Not Included?

Because the debug menu is not activated by default and must be enabled. Below are the steps necessary to allow access to the menu.

  • Create a text file anywhere on your computer and save the file name as “debug_enable (if you have file extensions enabled, save it as debug_enable.txt)”. The file doesn’t need any content, it’s just the name that matters.
  • Find the installation folder/directory for Oxygen Not Included. (Steam Users can find their files by right-clicking and viewing the properties of Oxygen Not Included in their library, then navigating to “Local Files” and “Browse Local Files”.)
    • For Windows and Linux users, move “debug_enable.txt” inside the folder where “OxygenNotIncluded.exe” is located.
    • For Mac OS users, open the application bundle by right-clicking and then selecting “Open Package Contents“. Place “debug_enable.txt” inside the “Contents” folder.
  • Restart Oxygen Not Included and start a game. (New games are advised, but the menu works on old saves too.)

All Oxygen Not Included Debug Commands

commands oxygen not included.

The complete list of commands in debug mode:

Instant Build Mode (CTRL+F4)

Debugging this command will let you perform a host of tasks related to building.

  • If you want to build something, placing an order will result in it simply spawning on-screen. Moreover, you don’t lose any resource use
  • You can now dig out blocks in the blink of an eye- Just place a dig order
  • If you wish to instantly produce an item with any building where you can queue, queue it with “+1” You can do this even if you don’t have any power to receive
  • You can assign any skill to duplicate – their requirements are not taken into consideration Furthermore, these duplicates will retain all skills even after the build mode is off
  • If you need to finish a research subject, you can now simply select it and it will be researched in full, irrespective of the prerequisites
  • Additionally, it will continue to be fully researched after the build mode is off.

Ultra Test Mode (CTRL+U)

  • As soon as you Enable this mode, the game will utilize every CPU resource required to run the game at the fastest speed possible as supported by your system’s capabilities.

Cloning – Spawn a Duplicant (CTRL+F2)

  • Make a duplicate appear at the mouse’s cursor location.

Teleportation (ALT+Q)

Select the building, plant, duplicate, or critter, and Hold the mouse cursor at your desired location while using this command to teleport.

Invincibility (ALT+F7)

  • All duplicates, even spawned ones will become invincible.

Godmode – Primary debugging (Backspace)

Take matters into your own hands while doing the following:

  • Zoom out as far as you wish to
  • All elements can be paint-stained, replacing the matter in existence with the painted matter
  • The fog of war turns off
  • You can copy and paste Critters and other contents of buildings with their settings among other areas of the world, however, this doesn’t work for duplicates
  • If you like a specific area of a world, you can save it as a template and then load and paste it later on in template form.

Dev Generator

The Dev generator generates a huge amount of power with no need for duplicates or inputs. It appears as soon as you’ve enabled debug mode.

oxygen not included debug commands.