PokΓ©mon Scarlet and Violet – How to Complete Artazon Gym Test

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have multiple play paths to progress in the game. You have to face multiple Trainers and gym leaders in your path. Every Gym has its test which you have to complete. After completing the challenge you can battle with the Gym leader. One of the tests you have to complete during the path of Artazon Gym is Sunflower Test.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Artazon Gym Test.

Artazon Gym Test

Once you reached Artazon you will see the Grass Badge Gym Leader. Basically, once you come into the Gym itself you will have a cutscene where you’re rival Nemona talks to you and then you talk to the lady on the counter who gives you the Sunflower gym challenge.  

Artazon Gym

Immediately you are going to see Flora NPC and talk to flower to start the sunflower challenge.

Sunflower Gym Test

This is the test where you have to find out the 10 sunflowers. For the first three you will find it near the Flora and for the next one you have to go to the right side within the fence and you will find it near the small tree. Then move to the town and you will find the fifth one in front of the shop. After that take the stairs and move to the left you will find this one in between the parking structure.

You will find the next one in front of the shop where you found the fourth sunflower. Here you have to battle with the sunflower which is the easy one to win because the flower is between levels 13 toΒ  14. For the next sunflower you will find near the wooden bridge and then the others in the Grass maze. You can also look for flowers near the pool. These are the places where you will find the Sunflowers.

Sunflower Test

After gathering all the flowers go back and talk to Flora to finish the test. Now you can battle with Artazon Gym Leader.

This is how you can complete the Gym Test. We hope this guide will help you.Β 

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