Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Cheats For PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Looking For infinite ammo and health while playing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on PC, PS, or on XBOX. RE3 Nemesis is a survival horror game where you’ve to control former elite agent Jill Valentine and mercenary Carlos Oliveira as they attempt to find a vaccine and escape from a city during a viral outbreak.

As the game, itself is horror and challenging many players use cheats to speed up the game. But Hold on! Are there any cheats in Resident Evil 3? The answer is No. However PC players can download Resident Evil 3 trainers to cheat & use mods in the game. While PlayStation & XBOX playesr can use in game hacks to get advantage over enemies.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best Resident Evil 3 cheats, hacks, & trainers. Moreover, we have also provided you with all the secrets tips & tricks that you can use in the game to speed it up. So, let’s take a look.

All Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Cheats, Codes, & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

As stated, there aren’t any Resident Evil 3 cheats for PS4/PS5 or PC, however, there are some secrets, tips & tricks that you can use in the game to take advantage.

You can unlock certain Resident Evil 3 Nemesis achievements on PC, PS4, and Xbox. By unlocking these achievements you’ll be able to get unlimited ammo, money, and much more. So, let’s take a look.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Difficulties

  • Assisted: In this mode, you’ll start with an Assault Rifle, receive more ammo when combining items, and have an additional four inventory slots. Aim Assist will be on, zombies will be weaker and you’ll automatically recover a portion of your health as time goes by.
  • Standard: This is the standard game mode.
  • Hardcore: In this mode, enemies are stronger, ammo and other items are less available, and you’ll receive less ammo when combining items. You cannot change the difficulty in a Hardcore playthrough.
  • Nightmare: This mode is unlocked after completing the game on Hardcore. In this mode, enemies deal significantly more damage and are way harder to kill. Enemies and items are placed in different areas throughout the game. You cannot change the difficulty in a Nightmare playthrough.
  • Inferno: This mode is unlocked after completing the game on Nightmare. In this mode, enemies deal even more damage than in Nightmare and are even harder to kill. Auto-saving is disabled in this mode, enemies and items are in different areas, and ammo and other items are significantly more scarce.

Unlockable: The Shop Items

ItemDescriptionCost (points)
Jill – S.T.A.R.S. GearJill’s S.T.A.R.S. gear, as she wore during the Mansion Incident2000
Recovery CoinGradually regenerate health when held. Carry two to increase the effect.4000
Defense CoinGreatly increases your defense when held. Carry two to increase the effect.4000
Assault CoinGreatly increases your attack power when held. Cary two to increase the effect.4000
Crafting CompanionWhile held, increases the amount of ammo gained when crafting.4000
S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat ManualA manual of compiled S.T.A.R.S. close-range combat knowledge. Edited by Chris Redfield. While held, physical feats such as Perfect Dodge become easier to perform.6400
Lock PickA specialized tool which allows a skilled user to unlock simple locks when no key is available.2800
Bolt CuttersA tool for cutting chains, cables, and the like.2800
Hip PouchA small belted pouch, good for carrying more items. Will be placed in the game when purchased. Will not be available in Assisted mode, as this would exceed the maximum inventory capacity.4800
HOT DOGGERAs its name implies, this Umbrella-developed anti-bioweapon knife is used by those who like to show off. This blade can be superheated, causing the target to burst into flames.7200
Samurai Edge15-shot capacity 9mm handgun. It’s been customized according to Jill’s personal specifications. Excellent across the board, with exceptional accuracy and firepower.5600
RAI-DENAn energy weapon developed by Umbrella based on airborne electrical phenomena. It possesses great stopping power, but only when targeting enemy weak points.12000
Infinite MUP HandgunA very well balanced 16-shot 9mm handgun. Its pinpoint accuracy has led to its adoption by countless militaries.8000
Infinite CQBR Assault RifleA 5.56x45mm assault rifle optimized by U.B.C.S for this operation. Its short length affords great mobility, even in urban settings.284000
Infinite Rocket LauncherA recoilless rocket launcher that fires 84mm projectiles. The piercing power of the rocket causes more damage than the explosion.624000

Unlockable: Records – Challenges, Points Earned, and Rewards

Points can be spent in The Shop in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Here’s how many points you’ll earn for completing each challenge and what reward you’ll get for completing each challenge.

Challenge NameChallenge DescriptionPoints EarnedReward
So Long, RCComplete all challenges0Mystery Model
First EscapeEscape from Jill’s apartment building80Concept Art: Jill’s Room
Somebody to Lean OnEscape from uptown Raccoon City.100Concept Art: Bar Jack
Nemesis Down?Defeat nemesis on the rooftop.120Concept Art: Stage 1 Nemesis A
Escape from the CityMake it out of downtown Raccoon City.120Concept Art: Gas Station/Boutique
The Carlos ExpressLeave R.P.D.120Concept Art: Carlos
I Don’t Feel So GoodLeave the clock tower plaza.140Model: Stage 2 Nemesis
I Need a HeroWithstand the zombie siege.160Concept Art: Hospital
The PursuerFollow Nicholai deeper underground.180Concept Art: Creatures
Nemesis Down!?Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis.260Concept Art: Stage 2 Nemesis B
Nemesis Down!!!Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis.800Concept Art: Lab Corridors
Basic ChemistryCraft an item.160Concept Art: Interiors
GunsmithImprove a weapon.150Concept Art: Uptown
Get OrganizedExpand your inventory.150Concept Art: Donut Shop/Diner
Master of SidesteppingExecute a Perfect Dodge.200Concept Art: Downtown
The Carlos TakedownSuccessfully execute Carlos’ punch ability.200Model: Marvin Branagh
Hello, Charlie!Destroy a Charlie doll.200Model: Charlie Doll
Trusty SidearmDefeat 80 enemies with a handgun.1200Concept Art: Stories
GunslingerDefeat 200 enemies with a handgun.5200Model: Female Zombie
Close-Range CompanionDefeat 100 enemies with a shotgun.320Concept Art: Bonus Art A
Point-Blank ProfessionalDefeat 130 enemies with a shotgun.6200Mystery Model
Make Some NoiseDefeat 80 enemies with a grenade launcher.6200Mystery Model
GrenadierDefeat 120 enemies with a grenade launcher.10400Mystery Model
Do You Feel Lucky?Defeat 20 enemies with a MAG.6600Concept Art
Well? Do Ya?Defeat 80 enemies with a MAG.10400Mystery Model
Suppressing FireDefeat 200 enemies with an assault rifle.3400Mystery Model
Spiting LeadDefeat 400 enemies with an assault rifle.8400Mystery Model
Necessary ViolenceDefeat 400 enemies.5200Concept Art: Bonus Art C
Making a DentDefeat 800 enemies.8200Concept Art: Parking Garage/Rooftop
Thinning the HordeDefeat 1100 enemies.10400Concept Art: Demolition Site
Defeat 1400 EnemiesDefeat 1400 enemies.10600Mystery Concept Art
The One Zombies FearDefeat 2000 enemies.11000Mystery Concept Art
Two For One DealDefeat two zombies with a single shot.1000Model: Zombie Dog
Hats Off!Knock the hats off of 28 zombies.2000Model: Male Zombie
Nemesis DownMystery condition.600Mystery Model
Fuggetaboutim!Mystery condition.200Mystery Concept Art
An Unfortunate EndDefeat zombie Brad.120Model: Brad Vickers
Power StonesPlace all jewels in the clock tower monument.600Concept Art: Storyboards
Electric SlideGather all the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes.2000Mystery Model
Kendo’s ArmoryCollect all weapons in the campaign.600Model: Robert Kendo
Kendo’s ProtegeCollect all weapon parts.300Mystery Model
BookwormRead all story files.1000Concept Art: Lab Equipment, Model: Drain Deimos
Goodbye, Charlie!Destroy all Charlie dolls.1000Mystery Concept Art
RE: Master of UnlockingUnlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks.0Concept Art: Mega Man, Model: Dario Rosso
EscapeeComplete the game on “Assisted” or higher.800Model: Jill (Default)
SurvivorComplete the game on “Standard” or higher.1000Model: Jill (S.T.A.R.S. Gear)
VeteranComplete the game on “Hardcore” or higher.1200Concept Art and a New Game Mode (Nightmare)
ConquerorComplete the game on “Nightmare” or higher.3000Concept Art and a New Game Mode (Inferno)
DominatorComplete the game on “Inferno” or higher.8000Mystery Model
R.P.D. MaterialComplete the game with an S rank on “Standard” or higher.3800Mystery Concept Art
U.B.C.S. MaterialComplete the game with an S rank on “Hardcore” or higher.6200Mystery Model
S.T.A.R.S. MaterialComplete the game with an S rank on “Nightmare” or higher.8000Mystery Model
Jill ValentineMystery Condition0Mystery Model
Amazing Work!Complete the game with an A rank or higher.840Mystery Model
Sensational Work!Complete the game with an S rank.1200Concept Art: Jill
MinimalistComplete the game without opening the item box.7000Mystery Model
I Might Need These Later!Complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items.7000Mystery Model
SprinterComplete the game in under 2 hours of play time.7000Mystery Model

Get New Weapons and Infinite Bullets in the RE3 Nemesis

Start a game in Normal Mode and every time you beat Nemesis you’ll get:

1 time: Eagle Parts A
2 times: Eagle Parts B
3 times: 3 Heath Sprays
4 times: Shotgun Parts A
5 times: Shotgun Parts B
6 times: 3 Health Sprays
Every time: Assault Rifle

If this is your second visit in the game (you finished the game and load your save) you’ll get Assault Rifle with Infinite Bullets if you have if you’ve beaten Nemesis. Use it on one of your weapons and you’ll have Infinite Ammo then.

Epilogue Files

Every time you beat the game, you will unlock a different epilogue ending for previous Resident Evil characters. There are 8 in all.

Beat the game 7 times.Ada Wong
Beat the game 3 times.Barry Burton
Beat the game 2 times.Chris Redfield
Beat the game 5 times.Claire Redfield
Beat the game 1 time.Jill Valentine
Beat the game 4 times.Leon S. Kennedy
Beat the game 6 times.Sherry Birkin
Beat the game 8 times.Special Agent Hunk

Alternate Outfits

Finish the game under the easy difficulty setting with any rank better than F to unlock, and an A rank will give 3 more costumes.Alternate Costumes


Finish the game under the hard difficulty setting(Getting better ratings can unlock the other epilogues)Epilogues

Mercenary Mode

Finish the game once to get mercenary mode and save the next game file. Begin your new game, pick that saved game, and then select mercenary mode.Mercenary Mode

Resident Evil 3 Cheats Trainer

If you’re tired of completing the missions and we know that these missions are hard to complete then you can use the Resident Evil 3 trainers to cheat in the game. There are Resident Evil 3 Trainers that give you cheat options and are quite easy to use.

After searching for different trainers online we can suggest our users use

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