Resident Evil 8 Village – How to solve Busts of Despair Statue Puzzle

Resident Evil Village’s new expansion Shadow of Rose continues the haunting vibes from the Village. The castle of Dumitrescu is back with its mystery of Purifying Crystals. Shadow of Rose is filled with new Puzzles and a new storyline for Rose Winter.

In this guide, we are going to cover the Statue Puzzle in the Hall of Ablution. The Hall of Ablution puzzle can be confusing as there are different statuses in the hall.

Location of Hall of Ablution

Hall of Ablution is located on the Second Floor, it is next to the Guest Room. It is a big hall with Statues in it. You can open your map to find the location of the Hall of Ablution. There is a Basement doorway in the middle of the Hall of Ablution which will unlock by solving the puzzle.

Location of Hall of Ablution in Resident Evil 8 Village

How to Solve Busts of Despair Puzzle

The Puzzle in the Hall of Ablution is called Busts of Despair. There are four Statues in the hall that need to be pushed in the correct pattern. The puzzle can be confusing on which statue to go to first. You have a riddle that is based on bust

But you don’t have to worry, Here is the exact pattern you have to follow to unlock the Basement door.

Statue with Arrow bust in order to solve the Busts of Despair Puzzle.
  • Push the right statue to its place.
  • Push the top left statue to its place.
  • Push the left statue to its place.
  • Push the top right statue to its place.

The Four Statues have busts of different types, You can also follow these busts on the statues in this order to unlock the Basement door in the Hall of Abulation.

  1. Hanged bust statue
  2. Sword bust statue
  3. Drowned bust statue
  4. Arrow bust statue

After you’ve pushed the statues with the exact mentioned pattern, You will hear the frame of the big door starts to move and it will unlock the basement area.

The Busts of Despair is a crucial puzzle to solve in order to unlock the basement. Also, after you’ve unlocked the basement area only then can you open the Guest Room door. The guest Room Door is also a significant area to unlock as it’s part of the Predation Gallery Puzzle.

You will be finding more puzzles in the basement and more enemies to fight through your journey in Castle Dumitrescu.


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