How To Fix Samsung Mobile Screen Turning Off During Calls In Android 10/11

Are you dealing with Samsung mobile screen turning off during a call? Well, this is due to the proximity sensor detecting an obstruction. This feature is introduced in mobile phones to prevent the screen from other accidental touches.

This feature saves your mobile’s battery while talking on calls. In case, you want to continue using your phone during calls but the screen keeps turning off then you need to enable the Smart Stay feature.

If you are dealing with a phone screen that turns off during a call on Android 10/11 devices, then don’t worry, you are not alone to face this problem. Many Android users are facing this problem whenever they tried to call their friends.

You can also apply these fixes not only on Samsung devices but also on other mobile phones i.e. Redmi, Realme, Tecno, oppo, or infinix.

Why Does My Phone Screen Turn Off During a Call?

It is due to the proximity sensor when you bring the phone screen closer to your ear. This is beneficial because it prevents unintentionally activating other functions when you are engaged in a call.

How Do I Stop Samsung Mobile Screen from Turning Off During Call In Android?

By enabling the smart stay feature and by turning off the double tap you can turn on your Samsung mobile screen while calling in Andriod. This is the simplest way how you can Turn off your Samsung mobile screen during the call.

Here we have some tested fixes, which can help you to solve your problem.

Fix 1: Check your Proximity Sensor:

If your mobile screen turns off randomly during the call, you should check your proximity sensor because it should help the screen come back to life.
You may turn off your mobile’s proximity sensor. Keep in mind that this feature is not available for all android mobiles except Xiaomi devices.

Follow the steps:

  • Firstly go to Settings > Incoming Call Settings > turn off Proximity Sensor

Also, when you see that the sensor glass is covered with smudges or any other things that can cause the phone screen to go black. Clear the screen and the sensor with a soft cloth to prevent the screen from turning black.

Fix 2: Remove any Accessories

When users upgrade their phone and add third-party films, stickers, or glass protectors, they may obstruct the sensor’s activity. It should be removed because it blocks the sensor. It is necessary to use Samsung accessories to prevent the problem.

Fix 3: Enable the Smart Stay Feature:

Simply activate the Smart Stay feature to prevent your phone screen from turning black during calls. Here are the steps:

  • Open the settings app on your phone.
  • After this, open the advanced features Tap motions and gestures > Turn on the Smart Stay option.

After enabling this feature you’re still facing the problem then you’ll have to do some troubleshooting.

Fix 4: Restart Your Phone

After doing all the steps and you’re still dealing with the same problem. Simply restart your phone by swiping down from the top of the phone with two fingers to open quick settings. Then tap the Power Icon. Tap Restart and then restart again.

Fix 5: Update your Device

If this problem becomes more annoying, then try to update your phone. In most cases, the problem of the phone screen turning off during a call in android will be resolved. Simply follow the step:

  • Firstly go to settings
  • Tap to About Phone > Check for updates

Fix 6: Check Double Tap to Turn on the Screen Motion Gesture

Still facing with the same problem and your screen does not turn on during or after the call, turn off double tap to turn on the screen feature. Here are the steps:

  • Open Settings > Tap Advanced features
  • Tap motions and gestures.
  • Tap the switch next to the Double tap to turn the screen to it off.

Fix 7: Backup your Data and Reset your Phone

If Samsung mobile screen turning off during calls problem doesn’t go away, then try to reset your Andriod phone to factory settings.

Resetting your device can fix the problem if it is caused by corrupted system files or other operating system glitches. Before resetting the phone don’t forget to back up your data because the resetting process will wipe out all data stored on your device.

  • Go to settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset
  • For other android users follow these steps:
  • Go to settings > Tap system > Reset options > Erase all data ( also known as a factory reset).

FIX 8: Check Display Duration mode:

After trying all the fixes and still you are dealing with the same problem. Don’t worry, try this fix, and hopefully, your problem should be solved.

Go to settings > calls > calling accounts > Display duration to keep in off mode.

That’s it. these are some of the proven fixes and hopefully, they will help you to solve your problem.