Serious Sam 4: Every Cheat Available-Complete Guide

Are you looking for Serious Sam 4 cheats? We know, cheats allow you to make the game easier, entertaining, or more difficult for yourself by simply entering the correct code.

Using the cheats will stop you from unlocking achievements and getting onto leaderboards. However, you can use all the cheats to enjoy the game in the way where it was meant to be played.

Moreover, in this guide, we’ll also tell you how to enable the cheat codes in Serious Sam 4.

How To Enable Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes?

To enable cheats, press tilde [`] or F1 to access the console window. Then type in the following codes:

  • For The Cheat Menu:
    • cht_bEnableCheats=1
  • For Developer Cheats:
    • cht_bEnableCheats=3

Enabling “cht_bEnableCheats=1” will unlock the Cheat Menu. To access the cheat menu, pause [Esc] then press [F3] to open the menu. Here you can choose to Skip Levels, spawn monsters, or toggle cheats on / off.

Enabling “cht_bEnableCheats=3” will unlock Developer Cheats. This allows you to input console commands for special effects you won’t find in the Cheat Menu.

The majority of commands have a default value – 0 means “off”, while 1 means “on”. Sometimes, it is likely that you need to enter an amount or an ordinal number, so practice with commands until you get it right. When you get it wrong, the game will show you a message telling you that you have made a mistake.

Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes

Cheats like “God Mode” are only available in Developer Cheats. To activate a Developer Cheat, input a code from the cheats list below.

Following is the list of Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes which you can easily use in the game.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
Cht_bEnableCheats=1Enable this first in order to access all other cheats. Doing this will also forfeit the player from leaderboards and achievements.
Cht_bEnableCheats=0will turn off cheat mode.
Cht_bAutoAim=1Should enable Auto Aim for controllers.
Cht_bKillAll=1Kills all enemies in the vicinity of the player.
Cht_bGod=1Should enable God mode, but according to players, it doesn’t actually work.
Cht_slGiveHealth=()Will restore a designated amount of health. Instead of (), players should type in the amount of health they want to be restored.
Cht_bGhost=1Should enable No Clip, which will allow Serious Sam to phase through objects, however, players say this one doesn’t work either.
Cht_bGiveAllGives players all weapons in the game with full ammo.
Cht_bInfiniteAmmo=1Gives Players an infinite ammo supply.
Cht_bTurbo=1Supposed to increase player speed, but seems to have no effect.
ChtGiveAmmo=()Should give full ammo for a designated weapon. Select a weapon by replacing () with a number value.
Cht_slGiveArmor=()Gives the player Armor based on whatever value is put instead of ().
Cht_slGiveSkillPoints=()Gives the player S.A.M Skill Points based on whatever value replaces ().
Cht_slResetSkills=1Will Reset the player’s Skill Tree.
ChtClearGameProgress=()Should reset all campaign progress.
ChtJumpToChapter=() Will allow the player to go to a specific chapter in the campaign.
ChtJumpToFirstChapter=()Will have the game start back at the first chapter.
ChtJumpToNextChapter=()Should cause the game to skip the current chapter.
ChtJumpToNextLevel=()Skips just a level instead of a whole chapter.
Cht_bInfiniteStamina=1Grants the player permanent stamina to run around with.
Cht_bInvisible=1Should make the player invisible to enemies, but doesn’t appear to work.
Cht_bKillBoss=1Will instantly kill Bosses.
Cht_bPassThroughPlasmaWalls=1Should Allow Players to Phase through Plasma Walls.
Cht_bUnlockMentalMode=1Allows the player to use Mental Mode.