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  • How hot can my PC run before it’s not safe anymore
  • How hot is too hot for CPU

High PC temperature can cause all kinds of stuff in semiconductors.

  • It increases electrical resistance reducing efficiency.
  • It can speed up the degradation of electrical pathways within the component allowing errors that cause data corruption.
  • It can even if the proper safeguards weren’t in place caused the low-temperature solder that is sometimes used to completely melt.

That’s a very scary situation but hold on let’s start with some information from the websites of a couple of computer hardware manufacturers. You may have heard of the T-Junction temperature the point at which it will turn down its own speed to preserve its life.

How hot is too hot for the CPU?

For the intel core, i7-4770k CPU temperature is a 105 C. That’s way out of the box standard operating temperature of 95 degrees Celsius for AMD S R9 290x graphics card is to quote AMD perfectly safe while powered on a WD red hard drive can operate it anywhere from 0 to 70 degrees which in their testing produces no unrecoverable errors.

A GTX 780 Ti ships at an 80-degree maximum and NVIDIA theoretically allows up to 95 degrees but we found that they actually limit it to around 86 degrees Celsius. So those are super scary high temperatures.

Why is there so much confusion about the optimal PC temperature range. Unlike the car engine which uses a thermostat to maintain itself within a very narrow range usually between 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. Most PC parts don’t have moving parts that rely on tight manufacturing tolerances and high-performance lubricants to keep them functioning. So they don’t really have an optimal operating temperature.

So to know how hot is too hot for CPU, first check out the manufacturer’s product page. Then take that information with a grain of salt if you’re one of those people who believe in taking really good care of your stuff and you want to be sure that your hardware will last and be reliable. Keep in mind that the way manufacturers rate their products is based on the way they expect most people will actually use them.

They’re not expecting you to still be using that CPU graphics card or hard drive in ten years time and they certainly aren’t giving you a warranty that lasts that long so they build some buffer into the numbers but they don’t worry about those fringe cases too much. So for added assurance take their number and build in your own buffer that makes you feel comfortable speaking of fringe cases.

That’s the whole story about how hot is too hot for CPU. Hope you will like it.

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