The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Charlie’s Bedroom Walkthrough

This begins when Erin gives the Book (The Stress Relieve Methods) to Charlie on which he confronted her. Erin then talks about Charlie’s business card (Can use to open locked drawers) and told him he is old school. Then Charlie will ask Erin about his cigarettes. Here you have to choose options.

  • Desperate
  • Instructive
  • Say Nothing

Choose the Desperate option (Check the other bag). Suddenly Erin finds a letter which Charlie snatches from her immediately. Charlie told Erin to worry about finding cigarettes which she said she can’t find them. Charlie said that he thinks Kate and Jamie doing this. Here you have to choose the option.

  • Restrained
  • Frustrated
  • Say Nothing
choose Restrained

Choose the Restrained Option (let’s just get on with things). Interact with the letter on the table in the room. After that to find the cigarettes go outside with Erin. Take a right then left and again to reach the hall. To the right side of the table, you will find an invitation letter.

The Counter:

Interact with the letter by pressing the Square button. Go downstairs and interact with the digit board on the right side of the wall.


The Hall:

During this, you will talk about the payments and movie sound stuff. Go to the right side of the hall and examine the table Use L to look around at the table. Try to open the box but you won’t be able to do it. Then Examine the Hotel register on the table by using R. Look around and open the door to the right of the hall and look around and try to open the locked door (You can’t).

The Key:

You will hear the bell ring noise. When you go outside in the hall to investigate the noise you will see the key on the table near the register.


Use the key and unlock the door by using the key in your inventory. Erin will go to check for the gift shop. Go to the right and interact with the newspaper. A cinematic will appear in which the report says the special task force find the suspect at 5.30 led by (Hector Munday). After that interact with the picture to the left side within the window. A cinematic will appear in which Charlie is burning. Go to the bar and interact with the Animatic Waiter.

Inspect the Letter:

There Charlie will ask him for the cigarettes and he will tell you where they are. Before that, you need to inspect the paper on the table to the left side.


Examine the cigarette machine. You need money to get cigarettes. Search the bar by using R and use your card by pressing R2 to open the locker. Get the money and go to the machine. Use the machine but they won’t come out. Charlie won’t get the cigarettes and get angry. You will see the man coming behind Charlie but he disappears as Erin call out to Charlie.

bartender mannequin

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