The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – How to find All Inventory Items Locations

You will find many items during different chapters in the game. You have to pick them up. Which will unlock trophies and hints about the story.

In this guide, we will discuss all the locations of the inventory items.

The First and Second Items (The World’s Fair Hotel):

You will find these items (uses for the fragrance of water) on the table in front of the registration table. Use the R Stick and Press R2 to pick the items.

The Third Item (Blackout):

This item (Inhaler) will appear in the scene (Masked Man Trapped you) during the Blackout where you have to choose the option to take from the hand. He will pin Erin against the wall and cut her hair Erin and then leave the Inhaler on the floor.

The Fourth item (Wall):

The first item (Handy Trophy) is when Mark talks to Kate you will ask to choose the option after entering the building.

  • Complaint
  • Curt

Choose the Curt Option (It makes me feel better). Then you will earn a trophy. Then you will find a crystal on the table in Kate’s Room.

The Fifth item (Workshop):

You will find this item (Camera Lens) in the Workshop chapter. While exploring the room you will find this on the desk in the storage place.

The Sixth Item (Workshop):

You will also find this item (Drill Bits) after Mark will hide it three times from Du’Met. After that Mark will build the drill with the Bit on the table.

The Seventh Item (Interrogation):

You will find this item (Lip Balm) while playing Jamie in Interrogation but first you need to select save Erin in Breathless. You will find this item in the dark room under the bed.

The Eight Item (Director’s Suit):

You will find this Item in Directors Suit Chapter while Kate is talking to Jamie you need to choose the option.

  • Nervous
  • Confident

Choose the Nervous Option (I need that). Then Jamie will give the screwdriver to Erin.

The Ninth Item (Cliffside):

To get this item first you need to make sure Charlie is dead by choosing the Door twice in the incinerator. You will find this Item (Camera Lens) in the room. Open the table box to get the item.

The Tenth Item (Cliffside):

You will find this item in Homestead crawling through the woods until you reach the broken bridge. Cross the bridge and reach the small house there. Outside the house, you will see the key. Take that key and enters the room and you will see A Torch near the dead body.

The Eleventh Item (Lake Curator’s Cut):

You will find this item (Pepper Spray) while escaping but first you need to Choose Authoritative (Mark and Kate need to be alive).

The Twelve and 13 Item (The World Fair Motel Curator’s Cut):

You will find these items (Locket and Hand Watch) on the table. You can repeat the chapter to get the items.

The fourteenth Item (Party Curator’s cut):

When Jamie searches the room you will enter a room where Jamie is scared by the statue. But you need to make sure Jamie is alive. You will find the Lounge key there.

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