The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – How to get All Business Card Locations

The Devil in Me allows the players to unlock trophies and achievements. For that, you have to solve the puzzles and find the secret items. This makes the game more interesting.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find all the Business cards.

Business card:

You will have to find the business card in the Different Chapters. There are a total of five cards.

The First Card (Architect):

Basically, the director (Charlie) has a smoking habit that he can’t let go of. So you need to find the Cigarettes.

At the start, Charlie talked about the Cigarettes in the place and that he has to look somewhere for them. Go to the right side of the room and move left. There will place which is blocked and a table is placed. You will find the first card there on the floor. Interact with the card to take the card.

First bussiness card

The Second Card (Designer):

You will find this card in (The blood Trail Chapter). When Jamie starts talking to you about finding Du’Met. But you talked about movie stuff and move forward. Go down the stairs and reach the hall. You will talk about the place being in very bad shape. Use your lighter and walk toward the sofa around the stair. You will find the card near the sofa.

second bussiness card

The Third Card (Builder):

You will find this card SPA Chapter. Where Mark and Jamie open the door by pushing. After the door opens (Then a door closes by another one), you will fall into a trap. Where you will fall under the ground and the floor closes. You ask Kate to stay there. Get outside the room and go to the right side toward the blocked path. There you will see the card. Interact with the card to get it.

third bussiness card

The Forth Card (Doctor):

You will find this Card in Cliffside Chapter. Where Mark meets Charlie and gives him the lighter. He never expected the lighter to see again. Cross through the short path from the fence. You will see a tree in front of the house. Under that tree, you will find the card.  

fourth bussiness card

The Fifth Card (Artist):

You can find this card in Lighthouse Chapter. Where Mark, Charlie, and Erin are in the house. Use the torch to look around and go to the upper floor by using the stairs. You will enter a room where you can find this card near the window. In the end, a trophy (Man of Many Interests) will be rewarded.

fifth business card

This is how you can find all the cards. We hope this guide will help you.

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