The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me: Jamie – The Second Floor Corridors Walkthrough

After you met Mr. Du’Met he will strictly ask you to stay with him. Then you head toward the hotel. There you have to cross the wooden bridge. Mark is afraid of heights so Kate will help him by choosing the options. There as a Kate you have to choose between two options. 

  • Cheery
  • Empathetic
  • Say nothing

Choose the Cheery Option (What a piggy-back Ride) and then you will ask to choose between two options again.

  • Impatient
  • Concerned
  • Say nothing
choose imaptient

Choose the Impatient (Give me your Hand) and then Mr. Du’Met take them to the front of the building. In cut scenes, you will see a man taking their lougages. Before entering the building you also see a girl on the widows. After entering the building Mr. Du’Met asks you to sign on the register. During the cutscene, you will also see women talking to an unknown person. Then all the members head toward your rooms.

Help Jamie set up her Room

help jamie

This part starts when Jamie and Erin enter the room and Erin ask isn’t the room is cozy. Jamie has to choose between two options here.

  • Disappointed
  • Playful
  • Say Nothing Β 
choose playful

Choose the Playful Option (At Least we don’t have to double up like last time). Jamie and Erin talk about the situation of the last time when they both have to stay together. Talk about the toilet situation and then Jamie finds the bottle of wine in the cupboard. While talking Erin drops his lip balm under the bed. Here you have to choose the options.

  • Amused
  • Familiar
  • Say Nothing
choose familiar

Choose the Familiar Option (Want to share Mine). Erin has an asthma problem but she can use an inhaler to stop them. Jamie again has to choose the option.

  • Concerned
  • Curious
  • Say Nothing

Choose the Curious Option (Since when do you have Asthma?). Then Jamie and Erin talk about Asthma (How Erin got into this problem) and taste the wine. Here you have to choose the option.

  • Flirtatious
  • Mischievous
  • Say Nothing
choose flirtatious

Choose the Flirtatious Option (I wasn’t lying about you being cute). Then Erin talks about work-related stuff and complains that Charlie always asks her to be more professional. Here you have to choose the option.

  • Back Off
  • Move In

Choose the option to Move In. During thescene, you will hear noises outside your door. You are curious to know who is outside. Open the door and choose between these options.

  • Sarcastic
  • Hostile
  • Say Nothing
choose sarcastic

Help Charlie Find his Room

Choose the Sarcastic option (Enjoying yourself out here?). Charlie will ask Jamie that he can’t find his room and cigarettes and ask Erin to show him where the cigarettes are. There you have to choose the option.

  • Surprised
  • Seductive
  • Say Nothing
choose seductive

Choose the Seductive option (To be continued?). After Erin goes to help Charlie Jamie will see Mr. Du’Met and the little girl running away from the Island.

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