Tower of Fantasy Password Chest Drop Location and How to Open

Forcing the Password chest to open is risky, always choose the perfect decryption.

Tower of Fantasy is a big MMORPG with an in-depth looting system. It has different ways to collect different materials. In this game, there is a chest mechanism that is more in-depth as well.

There are two types of chests in Tower of Fantasy. Firstly, we have a Supply Pod Chest. A Supply Pod Chest can only be opened once, you won’t be able to open it again. Secondly, we have Password Chest which can be opened to get you EXP and other materials.

Types of Password Chests Tower of Fantasy

Password Chests can respawn and you can open them again and again to get a decent amount of loot. Tower of Fantasy has three tiers of Password Chests.

Here are the following Password Chest tiers.

Types of Password Chests Tower of Fantasy
  • Tier 1 Password Chest
  • Tier 2 Password Chest
  • Tier 3 World Boss Chest

Password Chest Drop Location – Where to Find

Password Chests spawn at a lot of different locations throughout the world of Aida. The locations are the same at which they spawn. So, you can get to the locations near your player and go to the Password Chest and open them to get their loot.

You can go and again open the password Chest when they respawn to get the loot and EXP again.

Here are all the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Password and World Boss Chests locations throughout the map of Tower of Fantasy.

Password Chest Drop Location - Where to Find

How to Open Password Chests in Tower of Fantasy

The Password Chests happened to respawn in the world of Aida in different areas. There are two methods to open the chest. You will see the tier of the chest by going close to the Password Chest i.e. Tier 1,2,3.

How to Open Password Chests in Tower of Fantasy

There is a deciphering mechanism in the Tower of Fantasy to unlock the Password Chests. There are two methods for decrypting the chest.

  • Perfect Decipher
  • Forced Decipher

Perfect Decipher

Perfect Decipher requires a respective type of chip in order to open the Password chest perfectly. These chips can be found by doing Bounty Missions and Weekly Activity Missions. Once, you have the respective chip for the Password Chest you can easily open the chest by using the Perfect Decipher.

Using Perfect Decipher to unlock a Password chest gives you more EXP and better quality loot from the chest.

Forced Decipher

If you choose the Forced Decipher to open the Password Chest, you will open the chest by force. You can use the Forced Decipher to open the password chest but it will give you less EXP and common loot with respect to Perfect Decipher.

NOTE: If you don’t have the respective chip you can use the Forced Decipher to unlock the Password chest. Otherwise, you should use the Perfect Decipher in order to get more EXP and loot.

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