How To Fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/10004?

Tower of Fantasy has been a hit on both PC and mobile. It is a free MMORPG with in-depth character customization, combat, looting, quests, and exploration. Every game has problems and Errors and being a game with a player base of Millions of players Tower of Fantasy is no different.

There can be server issues mainly with Tower of Fantasy. The Error 5/10004 is also a server-side error from the game which won’t let you log in to the game to play.

What is the Error 5/10004 in Tower of Fantasy

Error 5/1004 in Tower of Fantasy is a server-side error, which will stop you from logging in to the game. You will get this error while logging into your account from the launcher. This is a common error when the no. of players on the server is high on which you’re trying to play.

It is basically a server overload error for the status Error 5/10004. This is an error from the Tower of Fantasy’s server not an error from your system. You can check their Twitter account or online status on their website. You can do this in order to check if the servers are offline.

How to Fix Error 5/10004 in Tower of Fantasy

There are different ways to solve Error 5/10004 in Tower of Fantasy. You can troubleshoot and follow the steps in order to fix Error 5/10004.

Checking Server Status

This is the first thing you will have to do is check if the game servers are offline and that’s why the error is occurring. Also, the server can also go down in maintenance and won’t be playable while undergoing maintenance.

You can go to the Tower of Fantasy’s website or check their news on Twitter if they’ve announced a downtime. In such a case, you would have to try to login into the game at a later time.

Check Firewall Settings for Tower of Fantasy

You have to go to your windows Firewall settings and search for the Tower of Fantasy file there. You have to Allow the game on both Public and Private networks and check if it’s not blocked by your windows firewall.

Check your Internet Connection

Lastly, you can check your internet connection. As your internet connection might be having some trouble connecting with the game’s server. You can do a speed test to properly check if your internet connection is working well. You can go to to get an overall bandwidth test of your connection.

You can also restart your router, then reconnect your PC to the internet. You can check by running the game again after performing a restart on your router. If it works after logging back in, you’re good to go.

NOTE: You can try closing any background application that might be using the bandwidth of your internet connection. The background applications can also be a cause of Error 5/10004.

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