UNDECEMBER Character Introduction – How To Choose One

Choose a character and enhance its skill levels

UNDECEMBER is a Hack & Slash game released on Oct 12, 2022. You can download this ARPG game on Mac, Android, and Windows PC. At first, you might notice that it’s a mash-up of Diablo and Path of Exile with some minor systems.

However, this game is legitimate when it comes to a solid RPG hack n slash. You get to enjoy fluid intense combat, and stunning graphics, and the enemies come at you in hordes.

As the story goes on you will meet different characters in UNDECEMBER who offers different types of support and information or guidance.

So in this article, we have listed the UNDECEMBER character introduction along with tips on how to create your own first character.

List of UNDECEMBER Character & Introduction

1. Camillia

Camillia is the Guild Manager. She is the one who established the Rune Hunter Guild of Traum. She was once a Rune Hunter but had trouble finding runes due to a lack of information. So she created and manage a guild where Rune Hunters could share information among fellow hunters to help out in their adventures.

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2. Redanimoism

A group of pagans who believe in the return of Serpens, the 13th being.
United with the firm belief that the return of Serpens is imminent, they often claim to have already witnessed the advent of Serpens. Driven by their zeal for Serpens, these pagans have no fear in offering their lives to please Serpens.

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3. Serpens

The 13th being and the God of Evil, who was rejected by the other 12 beings who created the world.
Like the other 12 beings, Serpens wished to live among its descendants on Traum. However, it is said that the 12 beings who sought to protect their descendants from evil, denied and banished Serpens from Traum instead.
Since ancient times, Serpens’ ability has been known as resurrection. Those blessed by Serpens were said to have gained eternal life and resurrected after a certain period of time, even if they were killed by an external force.

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4. Heavus

The village chief of Advena was a village created by people who came from Traum to Velatus. According to the rumors, he belonged to the underground organization that controlled Traum in the past. Maybe that is why, he often shows sudden anger, although he is usually gentle and polite. Once angry, no one can stop him. He persists to dislike people he hates once and repeatedly.

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5. Liet

The village chief of Symmesbicul. When the Symmes Tribe, who had learned about human civilization, settled in Velatus, he received overwhelming support from the Symmes Tribe and became the village chief. A Symmes with a longer lifespan than humans, he has lived for more than 180 years and tends to be rather picky and skeptical.
Unlike other Symmes, he has excellent language skills and can speak the human language very well.

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6. Fred

Advisor of the Aphros Knights. Due to his rather sharp and acute personality, on top of his temperamental tone, he has created many enemies on the inside and the outside. He is very meticulous and methodical. And because of his doubtful nature, he only believes in what he sees with his own eyes. However, he stays true to whatever he places his trust upon. Which is why his loyalty towards Christen is never questioned.

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7. Christen

Commander of the Aphros Knights stationed in Kalicorda, a fortress located at the border between Aphros Wastelands and Bellatus. As a man of higher status, he takes all matters seriously with logic. Armed with the determination to even sacrifice the lesser for the greater good, he was once famous throughout Traum for his unmatched swordsmanship.

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8. Lance

Aphros Guard Deputy Captain. With his sense of calm and meticulousness, he assists Poshi attentively. He always worries about Poshi and the Aphros Guards, and sincerely hopes that nothing happens to them.

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9. Poshi

Aphros Guard Captain. He is a strong, ​​hot-tempered man. He lost his son who volunteered for the Aphros Guard in an accident. Since then, whenever he sees the crew, he thinks of his son and takes good care of them.

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10. Leon

Rune Hunter. The scar left deep on her face shows how tough she has been.
She is blunt and cynical, but her heart for her colleagues is warmer than anyone else. Outstanding combat abilities recognized by Christen and a neat personality, everyone sincerely follows her.

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11. Mysterious Man

White skin, ebony hair, and noble and unwavering eyes. He possesses outstanding intelligence as well as an appearance that captivates people.
Contrary to their ice-cold appearance, his polite tone and manner give off a sense of relaxation and charisma.

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12. Mysterious Old Man

White-haired old man. Despite his age, he is strong and active. He is just like a friendly grandpa next door, but cannot hide his eyes that have gone through all the storms in the world. Since he has been studying medicinal plants for a long time, he has extensive knowledge about them.

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13. Pan

The most positive young man in Traum.
He has a painful past of wandering aimlessly without any recognition of his identity or purpose, after waking up at Ortemis’s hospital with amnesia.
But when a group of rune hunters told him about the possibility of obtaining clues about his past, Pan decides to risk everything and ventures out to Bellatus.

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How To Choose a Character in UNDECEMBER

There is no character class that you can simply select rather you have to custom-build your own character. When you first play UNDECEMBER you will be taken to the tutorial once it ends you can see new character options.

In the New Character menu select gender, skin type, hair color, and many other traits. Once you have created your character click on create option and then you will be asked to name your character.

Once you are done take your hero to the Zodiac to practice and improve traits.

Is There A Character Class in UNDECEMBER

As already explained, there are no specified character classes in Undecember. You need to create your own character. The more you play the game and collect runes your skill will also improve from melee to ranged attacks.

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