Animal Puzzle Doors Locations In Hogwarts Legacy – Unlock Sybmol and Rewards

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will find puzzles that you need to solve in order to access secret places and potions. While wandering in Hogwarts castle you will encounter Animal Puzzle Door that has animal figures across it.

You need to open these doors to access hidden areas. The animal figures can be moved, rotated, and arranged in certain ways to unlock Animal Puzzle Doors.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to solve the animal puzzle doors and how many doors are there in this game.

What is Animal Puzzle Doors In Hogwarts Legacy

How Animal Puzzle Doors In Hogwarts Legacy look like

When you see the animal puzzle door for the first time you will see there are 2 triangles having numbers and question marks. The number in a bigger circle is the sum of the other three small circles. However, there is also hidden value that you need to guess.

If you take a closer look at the door you will see animals and each of them represents a number from 0-9 in a clockwise direction.

To know the exact number of animals you need to get the Arithmancy Study Guide Page on the chest opposite of the door.

Each animal represents a number 0-9

Open the Arithmancy Door Cipher from the inventory and you will see each animal has a specific number.

  1. Owl – 0 
  2. Unicorn – 1
  3. Horned Beast -2
  4. Three-headed Serpent – 3
  5. Second Owl – 4
  6. Four-legged Beast – 5
  7. Salamander – 6
  8. Tentacled-Beast – 7
  9. Spider – 8
  10. Multi-Headed Serpent Beast – 9

How To Unlock Animal Puzzle Doors In Hogwarts Legacy

Now here comes a tricky part, you need to get the numbers that get you the exact answer as shown in the bigger circle.

As you can see in the above animal door puzzle the first triangle has

  • 1 number, Spider, and question mark = 13
  • Now take out Arithmancy Door Cipher and look for the spider number that is 8.
  • 1+ 8 + ? = 13 the remaining number is 4.
  • Again look in the Door Cipher to see what Fwooper has the number 4.
  • Next to each puzzle, you’ll find a dial, interact with it, and roll it until it shows the image of a Fwooper

Do the same rehearsal for the second triangle.

All Locations of Animal Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

So far we have played there are a total of 5 Animal Puzzle Doors located throughout Hogwarts Castle.

The location of all animal puzzle doors will soon be updated.

Rewards for Unlocking the Animal Puzzle Doors

  • Upon unlocking each door, players will receive valuable items such as spell books, ingredients for potions, and other collectible items.
  • Some doors also provide access to hidden areas within Hogwarts Castle, allowing players to explore new areas and uncover additional secrets.

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