Valheim Mistlands – How to Find All Fishing Lures and Locations (Fishing Bait Guide)

Here is a complete fishing guide with locations and baits crafting material.

Fishing in Valheim Mistlands is an important part and it’s quite some as well. Find some water take out the Fishing rod attach the Fishing Bait from your inventory. The Mistlands updates have introduced different kinds of fish in the different biomes.

You need to travel around the world to catch all kinds of fish. In this fishing bait guide, we have explained all fishing lures and locations in Valheim Mistlands.

Complete ValheimΒ Fishing Bait, Crafting List

Fishing BaitCrafting RecipeUsage
Cold Fishing Bait x201 Tuna, 1 Ulv TrophyUse it to catch Pike and Tetra
Frosty Fishing Bait x201 Magmafish, 1 Drake TrophyUse it to catch Northern salmon in Deep North
Heavy Fishing Bait x201 Pike, 1 Serpent TrophyUse it to catch Tuna and Coral cod
Hot Fishing Bait x201 Anglerfish, 1 Surtling TrophyUse it to catch Magmafish in the Ashlands
Misty Fishing Bait x201 Grouper, 1 Lox TrophyUse it to catch Pufferfish and Anglerfish in Mistlands.
Mossy Fishing Bait1 Perch, 1 Troll TrophyUse it to catch Trollfish in the Black Forest
Sticky Fishing Baitx201 Trollfish, 1 Abomination TrophyUse it to catch Giant herrings in the Swamp
Stingy Fishing Bait x201 Giant Herring, 1 Fuling TrophyUse it to catch Tuna and Grouper in their Biomes

How To Craft Valheim Fishing Baits (Guide)

There are different types of fishing baits in Valheim that you can use to catch different types of fish.

You need to craft Mossy fishing bait with perch and troll trophies to have access to the black forest fishing. Then you can catch the troll fish.

How to craft Mossy fishing bait in valheim mistlands fishing

If you can catch a fish with the abomination trophies, you can unlock the sticky fishing baits. With giant herrings from the swamp and fueling trophies, you can craft stingy fishing bait.

To start catching fish in the planes there you will find Lox and groupers. You can combine them to make Misty Fishing Baits which is a level Bait. Once you have proven yourself a master fisherman in the midlands, you can advance to Ashland. With anglerfish and a Surtling trophy with the hot fishing bait, you will be to catch magma fish. And if you combine those with a Drake Trophy you can craft frosty fishing bait which gives you access to the final biome for deep north fishing.

stingy fishing bait

Some fishing bait gives access to new fish which don’t bring you to the next biome. For example, cold fishing bait can be made with tuna and wolf trophies. Apparently, this can be used to catch pikes in different biomes but you can use it for regular fishing bait. With Pike and Serpent Trophy you will unlock the heavy fishing bait. With heavy fishing baits, you can catch coral cut which only swims in the ocean. Β Β Β Β Β Β 

frost fishing bait

All Valheim Fish List With Locations and Baits

FishBiomeBait Needed
AnglerfishMeadows, Swamp, Ocean, Plains, Ashlands, and Deep NorthMisty Fishing Bait
Coral CodMeadows, Swamps, Ocean, Plains, Mistlands, Ashlands, and Deep NorthSticky Fishing Bait
Giant HerringSwampMossy Fishing Bait
GrouperMeadows, Swamps, Ocean, Mistlands, Ashlands, and Deep NorthStingy Fishing Bait
MagmafishMeadows, Swamps, Ocean, Plains, Mistlands, and Deep NorthHot Fishing Bait
Northern SalmonMeadows, Swamps, Oceans, Plains, Mistlands, and AshlandsFrosty Fishing Bait
PerchOcean, Mistlands, Ashlands, and Deep NorthFishing Bait
PufferfishMeadows, Swamps, Plains, Ashlands, and Deep NorthMisty Fishing Bait
TrollfishBlack ForestMossy Fishing Bait
TunaMeadowsFishing Bait
PikeOcean, Mistlands, Ashlands, and Deep NorthFishing Bait

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