Victoria 3 – How to Colonize your Nation

Colonization in Victoria 3 is quite simple. Some people find it difficult to colonize probably. But you will be surprised to see how easy it is to colonize as a nation.

One of the earliest things in the game is to colonize your country because all the countries would colonize themselves in separate parts of the Decentralized Nations and you don’t want to sit back because colonizing will give you many advantages later in the game.


To start off all you have to do is go into politics then you will go into law and you will be going into colonization.

politics tab

How Colonization Works

Once you are in colonization you can either do resettlement or you can do colonial exploitation. You may have to find interest groups that want to endorse this. Once you do, all you have to do is enact this chain it may take a while to enact this change.

colonization tab

But eventually, you will be able to pass it and we will get to the next step. Once you have a colonization law enacted then you can now start to colonize but there is one step before.

How important are Interest Groups

In order to colonize you have to have an interest group. Go to Diplomacy and then scroll down the list and then you have to declare your interest group. Choose the interest group after that you have the interest group of your choice. Once you have established an interest group which will take some time you will see the progress bar.

interest groups

Colony Establishment

Now, in order to establish a colony, you can only do it in available locations in the world. To see which parts of the Decentralized Nation your country can colonize. You need to click on the Diplomatic Lens which you’ll find at the bottom of the screen in the middle.

create state and a colony

The Establish Colony option will open a map and it’ll show the available targets that you can select to establish your colony. The red highlighted areas cannot be established, you can only establish the available targets which will be the areas highlighted in green. This means the area must be decentralized in order to establish a colony.

How to Establish a Colony

Click on the green highlighted area to start establishing your colony and the time for your establishment to be completed will start showing in that area. Click on the play button on the time icon on the top right of the screen to fast forward. Then pause the time after the corresponding time has passed for the establishment.

colony border

Normally, the time for the establishment of a colony takes 50 days. Once your colony is established in the area, you’ll be able to build the buildings in that area for your pops so they can get jobs in that area.

Once you have established your colony what you have to do is nothing. It will automatically keep on expanding into open decentralization areas there may be conflicts that you have where you can just go to war and take all that land. But for now, it will just go by its own and spread.

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