Victoria 3 – How to do Land Battles in Warfare

If you got into a war through your diplomatic play. A Frontline will be created automatically between both sides which is the boundary between each side. You have to start the preparation before the war begins. Which also include:

  1. Opening Move
  2. Diplomatic Maneuvers
  3. Countdown to War

Preparation of Army

In Victoria, 3 armies are conglomerates of lots of units from single headquarters in a single area. They are led by the Generals.


Generals are the key parts of the army system. They come with specific character traits that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. They are leading your armed forces basically making all of the decisions that will be happening on the war front.

They can command according to their rank levels. They assigned country HQ a region in your country where they mobilize their units.


Now we have to mobilize the troops and if you want to mobilize it comes with an additional cost. It also depends on the generals also you can include two generals in the war dividing their armies which will be helpful during the war. It also includes weapons buildings and materials for the preparation for war.


Stand By

Stand-by orders generals to leave the frontline and moved to their HQ. Troops remain silent and they act like they didn’t have generals because they didn’t receive any orders from the generals at this condition.

stand by

Advance front

The advance front gives general orders to fight on the front line. If he is not on the front line he has to get to the front line in order to invade enemy territory. When the Advance front begins it will count as the war begins. A commander with an advance order can still partake in defense battles. He can also participate in the defense according to the condition.

advance front

Defend Front

This gives orders to generals and troops to defend their front line. Sometimes defense can be helpful in terms of winning because the enemy holds back their site which will let you attack again.

defend front

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