Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Puzzles and Solutions

All the 22 puzzles & their solution for Virtual Village Origins 2 chapters 1 & 2 that we are providing you are up to date and easy to use.

In this guide, we will also share puzzles, tips, tricks, requirements, and recipes that you will need in Virtual Villagers Origins 2. So, let’s dive in.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 1

There are 12 puzzles of Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 1. We’ve explained them and also given their solutions.

Puzzle 1 – Fire

This puzzle is completed by gathering the logs that are near the research lab and getting the coconut husk that is near the coconut tree.

Solution :

  • To collect the logs  & get the coconut husk.
  • Drop a villager onto the fire.
  • Drag a Villager to the Loveshack.
  • After getting it repaired, go to Puzzles and collect your reward: 3 Lava stones.

Puzzle 2 – Fixing the Dock


Solving this puzzle is relatively easy, all you need to do is to find 3 pieces of wood (across the island) and fix the dock (south) with them.

Puzzle 3 – Crafting the Hut


  • Remove the roots of the Tree.
  • After finding the crafting hut (west).
  • Here, take the bones to the research area.
  • Rebuild the crafting hut with more villagers.
  • To get a pickaxe, drag another villager to the workbench.
  • Drag a villager to the whale bones or (east of the crafting hut).

Puzzle 4 – Release the Kraken

Requirements: There are some requirements to solve Puzzle 4. For the Puzzle 4 solution, it is mandatory that Puzzle 1 is completed, construction technology level 1 & also crafting technology level 1.


  • Drag a villager to the crafting hut and also select oil and fire.
  • Find the 2 eyes: 1st – lower right corner of the island, amongst the reeds (left of the tree), and 2nd – to the right of where lava connects with the lab, but you need water (from the crafting hut) to cool it down.
  • Drag a villager to the Kraken statue.
  • Push both rocks at the same time with villagers to make them fall.

Puzzle 5 – Worship

Requirement: Puzzle 4 should be completed.


With the aid of Villagers with building and research skills to rebuild the
pedestals. After fixing four pedestals and worshiping villagers, you will be capable of
completing this puzzle.

Tip: You can further use nursing villagers to worship

Puzzle 6 – The Garden

Requirement: Master farmer, Level 2 farming technology, and also crafting technology level 1.


Just bring apple seeds that are laying on the ground beneath the dead tree next to the crafting hut to the garden and wait for the tree to grow and drain water from the garden.

Puzzle 7 – Rhubarb Pie

Requirements: Completed puzzle 6, Master farmer, Level 2 farming technology, and crafting technology level 2.


  •  Take 3 seeds (seed bag near the water bucket, beside the research table).
  • Use 3 fertilizers (crafting hut) in the garden.
  • Harvest Rhubarb.
  • Make a Pie with dough and rhubarb (table).
  • Bake the pie in the oven (bring a villager to the rocks near the coconut tree).
  • Eat some slices until you complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 8 – Clay Hut

Requirements:  Master Builder, Master Gardener, Construction technology level 3, and also crafting technology level 3.


Bring 12 clay bricks to the foundation of the clay hut to be able to build it.

It is important that you bring the bricks one at a time. Also, if you make a pile of bricks while waiting to upgrade your building skill and give them to 2 or 3 builders at once, you will ‘lose’ some of the bricks.

Puzzle 9 – Antidote

Requirements: Complete puzzle 4 and also crafting technology level 1.


  • Two adults and a child need to retrieve a nest (mouth of the Kraken).
  • While raining: bring the eggs from the crafting hut to nest.
  • Then wait for them to hatch.
  • Make antidote: Poison (nest of snakes) + magic.
  • Bring the antidote to the pond.

Puzzle 10 – The Water Wheel

Requirement:  Master Builder


Put a Villager in the pile of wood (north part of the river).
● Craft 2 center-pieces (metal + forge nucket + anvil).
● Join the centerpieces to the water wheel.
● Take a villager to the water wheel to finish it.

Puzzle 11 – Fixing the Statue


Blue Statue Solution

  • Pour water on the fire t reveal a blue diamond.
  • Jump potion to get Ruby near the mausoleum.
  • Build the green statue beside the boulder. You will need a chief to draw plans for this statue.
  • Craft blue glass.

Yellow Statue solution

  • Get 3 necklace pieces from daily quest or cracks.
  • Pan for gold and bring to an anvil.
  • Upgrade construction skills and draw some plans.
  • Craft yellow glass.

Red Statue Solution

  • Make soup.
  • Build a clothing hut, after the tech upgrade crate of braid, will appear, then flowers will pollinate, and bring them to a tree.
  • Need 1 child and adult to capture crab – crab will fix slippery rock.
  • Craft red glass.

Puzzle 12 – Destroying the Kraken

Requirements: Complete Puzzle 11


Just bring yellow, blue, and also red glass to each statue.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 2

Puzzle 1 – Residence Hut

To complete puzzle 1, you need to follow the below solution.


  • Get 4 water buckets.
  • Use Master builders to douse the huts (volcanic eruption).
  • Use master builders to repair the huts.
  • Build a residence hut (southeast of where Kraken was).

Puzzle 2 – Town Center Mural

To begin with in puzzle 2- town Center Mural, just follow the below solution.


  • Master Builders to the rubble (ruins of the Kraken statue).
  • Repeat it 5 times.
  • Master researcher draw plans.
  • Master Builder to the large boulder (mural).
  • Craft red, blue, and also red paints.
  • Master builder to the Crafting hut to paint.

Recipes: Blue paint (blueberry + paste), Green Paint (Moss + Paste), Red Paint (Rose + Paste), Paste (Oil + Dust)

Puzzle 3 – Scarecrows


  • Bring fertilizer to the green pumpkin and wait 2 hours
  • Make a Scythe from a whale bone (Master Builder)
  • Cut yellow grass with the scythe (master farmer)
  • Collect a lot of branches from the dead Tree (beside the crafting hut).
  • Tie the scarecrow toguether with 2 ropes.
  • Bring a child to the fertilized pumpkin.
  • Place the carved pumpkin on the scarecrows body (master builder).

Recipes: Ropes (Vine + Vine), Mixed Herbs (Grass + Wheat Grass), Fertilizer (Mixed Herbs + Earth).

Puzzle 4 – Demolition

  • Go to where the Kraken was.
  • Create a hole with a child by the tree with the chief coat (far left).
  • Do the same by the stairs that lead to the garden (far right).
  • Same at the Open jungle (Far north).
  • Make Crate boom sticks (crafting hub).
    Place 1 crate boom stick in each hole.

Recipes: Boom stick (Boom powder + bamboo), Boom powder (Fine Powder + sulfur), Fine Powder (charcoal + salt peter).

Puzzle 5 – Unwanted Guest


  • Feed the bear with a fish pie.
  • Drag a villager into the water (southern shore) and catch a big bass). Make dough & Get the oven ready (Master Farmer).
  • Give it to the bear carefully.

Recipes: Stone (Lava + Water), Flour (Wheat + Stone), Dough (Flour + Water).

Puzzle 6 – Flower Garden

Just follow the below solution to solve the puzzle 6.

  • flower planting spots.
  • Make clay pot and planting soil.
  • Plant them all but also fertilize & water each one 5 times.
  • Place a villager on the rubble or (where the kraken was) to make 4.
  • So, Place each item (4 of each) into the garden with a master farmer.

Recipes: Planting Soil (Red Earth + Moss x 4), Fertilizer (Mixed herb + Earth x4).

Puzzle 7 – Healing Hut

Requirement: In order to solve this puzzle, you need to construct a building on this island. For this puzzle you will need a master scientist, master builders, and Level 4 research.


  • You have a master scientist to create the building plans.
  • Once these have been done get master builders to construct it.
  • Upon completion of the Healing Hut you need to drag the master scientist and drop him on top of it to complete the puzzle.

 Puzzle 8 – School

Requirement: Must have research level 4.


  • Create the building plans with thw master scientist for the school. Build it with builders.
  • Once built drop a master scientist onto it to write the curriculum.

 Puzzle 9 – Observatory

Requirement: Must reach to level 4.


  • Have a master scientist make the saw.
  • Once the saw has been made have a scientist look for 2 whale bones in the whale skeleton pond.
  • Take the scientist to the crafting bench.
  • Drop a builder on the saw so he goes and cuts a tree trunk lighter.
  • Now have a master scientist draw up plans for the framing of the observatory.
  • Drop two adults to carry the lighter log to the observatory at the top of the map.
  • After this, you need to drop a master builder on the crafting hut and select bamboo which is then taken to the observatory to create a frame.
  • This needs to be done 3 times. 
  •  Drop two adults on the two statues (sun and moon) so they carry them to the observatory.
  • Then craft an unpolished mirror in the crafting hut.
  • Afterwards drop a scientist on the crafting hut and select the unpolished mirror so he takes it to the observatory.
  • At the observatory drop the scientist on the mirror so he polishes it. 
  • Drop the scientist again so he affixes it to the log.
  • Now drop a master scientist on the trunk above the oven so he makes a wooden cog which is then taken to the observatory.
  • If you now drop a master builder on the observatory they will repair and finish the observatory.
  •  Once done drop a master scientist on the observatory and they will research.

 Puzzle 10 – Reservoir

Reservoir is the final puzzle in chapter 2. To complete it, just follow the below steps.


  • Drop a master farmer on the soft soil that appears to the east and south of where the Kraken was so he can dig out a trench.
  • Once the trench has been dug you need to collect about 5-10 pieces of redwood and get a master buider to build a dam.
  • When this has been completed take the master builder and another villager and drag them to the temporary dam at the stream near the apple tree.
  • After the master builder and villager have dismantled the temporary dam drag the master builder to a pile of wood so he builds a water wheel.
  • If you then drag him again he will build a second water wheel. 
  • Once you have both wheels drag him to the crafting hut to collect a forge bucket and iron to make pins.
  • Once you get rid of the bear grab the honeycomb and take it to the crafting bench.
  • If you have reached level 4 research you will be able to take cotton from the crafting hut to the crafting bench and with the honeycomb create a water filter which you can then take to the reservoir.
  • Now drop a builder on the craft hut and select cement twice so they take it to the oil leak and repair it.
  • Then craft forge bucket and ore in the craft hut.
  • Drop an adult on the craft hut and select each of them and take them to the anvil.
  • Now have a master builder create a pipe which you then take to the reservoir.