Where To Find Antimony in Starfield – Farm Guide With Planet Locations

Antimony in Starfield is a tier 3 Exotic resource that is quite difficult to find. In a vast planetary system consisting of 1,000 planets, it’s difficult to find Antimony in Starfield.

Antimony (Sb) is a vital raw material that is used to upgrade bullets & ammunition. It is also one of the important ingredients for crafting magazine and battery modes for the Flechette and Penetrator Rounds

In this guide have explained farming locations in Starfield where you can easily find Antimony.

Where To Find Antimony in Starfield

In the vast expanse of the Starfield galaxy, Antimony (Sb) can be found on several planets. If you’re eager to obtain this valuable material quickly and conveniently, your best bet is to journey to Cruth, located within the Narion System. To reach the Narion System, follow these directions using the Star Map:

  1. Fast-Travel: Utilize the Star Map and set a course to the northeast from the Alpha Centauri System or northwest from the Guniibuu II system. This will take you to the Narion System.

While Antimony is indeed a rare resource, you can enhance your chances of finding it by embarking on a planet-wide search with your hand scanner. The most dependable location to mine Antimony, however, is situated outside an enemy outpost on Cruth. To locate this outpost, follow these steps:

  1. Landing on Cruth: Select Cruth from the list of available destinations and choose to land at the planet’s designated Landing Area.
  2. Utilize the Hand Scanner: Once on the planet’s surface, press LB to activate your hand scanner, which will aid you in identifying resources.
  3. Navigate to the Industrial Rig: Head northeast from the Landing Area towards the Industrial Rig. While on your way, you may come across an Abandoned Mineral Refinery.
  4. Stay Vigilant: Be cautious during your journey, as enemies and landmines may pose a threat in this area.
  5. Scan and Collect: Before entering the Industrial Rig, scan the surroundings outside the building to pinpoint the location of Antimony. Once located, use your Cutter to extract this valuable resource.

All Antimony Farming Locations in Starfield

Planet System
Maheo VIIMaheo
Muphrid VI-dMuphrid
Muphrid VII-aMuphrid
Beta Andraste I-cBeta Andraste
Indum III-aIndum
Indum IV-dIndum
Porrima V-cPorrima
Nemeria IV-aNemeria
Nemeria VI-dNemeria
Ixyll IIIxyll
Ixyll VII-aIxyll
Moloch IIIMoloch
Beta Marae V-bBeta Marae
Rutherford VI-bRutherford
Xi Ophiuchi IIIXi Ophiuchi
Zeta Ophiuchi IIIZeta Ophiuchi
Bel II-aBel
Feynman VIII-bFeynman
Foucault VI-eFoucault
Kang VIKang
Maal IX-bMaal
Charybdis VCharybdis
Bohr IVBohr

How to Farm (Harvest) Antimony (Sb) in Starfield

Now that you know where to find Antimony (Sb) in Starfield, let’s talk about how to collect it without using your in-game credits. Here are two simple ways to do it:

1. Using a Scanner & Cutter:

  • Exploration: When you’re on a planet, use a hand scanner to help you spot mineral deposits, including Antimony.
  • Extraction: Once you’ve found an Antimony deposit, use a cutter to collect the mineral from the ground or rocks.

2. Outpost Mining Machinery:

  • Find the Right Spot: Look for a place where Antimony is abundant. You can set up an outpost there.
  • What You Need: To make this work, you’ll need a few things: an extractor to mine the Antimony, a power source to keep everything running, a container to store the Antimony, and some crew members to manage the outpost.

How To Purchase Antimony (Sb) in Starfield

If you don’t want to invest time in finding the Antimony then you can also purchase it from Vendor Shops. One Antimony will cost you 30 Starfield credits but it will save you time. You can spend more time completing the storyline.

Here are the locations of Vendor Shops:

Jemison MercantileNew Atlantis, Jemison
Mining LeagueNeon, Volii Alpha
Midtown MineralsAkila City, Akila