What To Do When WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Android Devices

Internet disconnection and WiFi drop are very irritating problems especially when you do your important tasks. Recently I got stuck in a problem where wifi keeps disconnecting android devices. When I try to reconnect devices with WiFi an incorrect password message showed up but again my devices automatically connect with the WiFi.

As a broadband user, I have been dealing with many issues but the WiFi disconnecting issues was new. So here is the solution that solved the problem.

How To Fix WiFi Keeps disconnecting on Android

  1. Make sure your WiFi username doesn’t match with other WiFi devices. In my case, there were two devices having the same WiFi username so it caused conflict for android devices while establishing a connection. Soon I changed the username of my WiFi and password the problem was fixed.

Othe Solutions that are recommended to you are common:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Turn on Plane Mode on Android devices and then turn it off. Now connect it to the WiFi.
  3. Remove and reconnect to the network
  4. Forget old/other networks
  5. Restart your Wi-Fi router
  6. Move closer to the WiFi network source
  7. Try switching the router’s AP band
  8. Disable network auto-switch
  9. Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth settings
  10. Update your phone and the router’s firmware
  11. Disable apps conflicting with the Wi-Fi

Nothing worked. Now what?

It may be a unique problem with your WiFi/Router. Call your ISP provider and let it fix the problem for you.