World of Warcraft Dragon flight – Hidden Hornswog Hostage Treasure

World of Warcraft has many things to do which keep the players entertained. Like you have to hunt for Dragons and learn new skills of dragon-riding. You also have to hunt for treasure which will give you materials. They are located in a different location where you have to locate them. Some are required to progress in the game and for some, you have to find asked the NPCs in the game in exchange for some special items. Like the Hornswog Hostage Treasure, we will find in WOW.

In This guide, we will discuss how to find Hornswog Hostage Treasure Chest.

Treasure Location:

So, we are finding the Treasure which is located just outside the Ruby Life Pool in the Awakening Shores.

treasure location

How to Find Hornswog Hostage:

When you reach the location you will see the cave is guarded by the Possessive Hornswog. You have to distract him to get access to the entrance of the cave. You will find a book on the left side with the riddle that tells you the location of the Item that you have to find to lure the dragon away from the cave.

Well-Preserved Bone:

The first item (Bone) you will find to the north of the Ruby Life Pool. After reaching the location you will see two Coordinates Towers one to the downside and one toward the upside. Go to the Tower which is higher. Use the dragon riding to leap up and then land on the broken tower and land on the ledge to get the Bone.

north of ruby life pool

Adventure Lost Soap Bar:

You will find this item in DragonScale Basecamp. When you reach you will see a small tub located near the edge of the river. Get the soap from the water tub.

Dragonscale Basecamp

Marmoni’s Prize:

The last item is also in the DragonScale Basecamp which is located in the base area. When you turn around you will see this item on the wooden boxes. Take the item.

East of Dragonscale basecamp

Riddle Treat:

Once you gather all the Items and back to the cave place and interact with the book which will make the Riddle Treat for the dragon by combining the items.

Hornswog Hostage Chest:

After that throw, the riddle treats towards the dragon under his feet which will make him move away from the cave. After that walk into the cave and you will see a chest. Open the chest and you will receive the Roseate Hopper. You will also get some other items

  • Refreshing Healing Potion
  • Dragon Isles Artifacts
  • Dragon Isles Supplies
  • Fallen Watcher Remains
Hornswog hostage chest

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