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World of Warcraft Dragonflight: How to complete Grand Hunts Quest

How to start and complete Grand Hunts in WoW Dragonflight

Shikaar grand hunt in Dragonflight is a major quests that you have to complete in order to progress in the game. These Grand Hunts are time limited events linked with the Maruuk Centaur Renown.

You have to go out in the open world across Dragon Isles to perform different tasks. One of them is the grand hunts and upon each successful quest you will get helpful goods to level up your Renown progress with Maruuk Centaur in Ohn’ahran Plains.

In this guide, we have explained how to complete the Shikaar Grand Hunts Quest in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to unlock Grand Hunts in WoW Dragonflight

As per WoW: Dragonflight’s renown system players can only participate in the grand hunts when their Renown reaches level five. To reach that level you need to complete storyline of Maruuk Centaur tribe to unlock Renown. Then complete world and storyline qusest to reach your Renown to level five.

Once you reach Renown level five Grand Hunts in Dragonflight will unlock and start spawning on isle map.

Location of the Grand Hunts Quest in Dragonflight

There is not a single place where these grand hunting party quest took place. Once your Renown reaches level five these hunts will start appear by showing the Horn icon.

Playesr will also have to keep an eye on these shikaar hunts as they only lasts for 2 hours. These grants hunts in WOW will spawn weekly where players can participate three times to get rewards. Each hunts has six quest or tasks to be completed. Upon completion of each individual task yor Renown will receive points.

 For now we found our first grand hunt in WOW Dragonflight quest at Thaldraszus (The Cascades).

How to start and complete Grand Hunts in WoW Dragonflight

Reach the location and meet the NPC named Scout Tomul. He will explain you about the quest and start the quest.

1st Grand Hunt Task: Swarming Swoglets

Your first task is to save Swarmed Bakar which is attacked by the enemies. These are the toad-type friendly enemies that you have to take to a safe position around the lake.

2nd Grand Hunt Task Task: Lower Cascade Hunt

Now you need to defeat the scorpion-type enemies around the lower cascade.

3rd Grand Hunt Task: It’s going to be a Dismay

Now you need to defeat the Dismay flying enemies. A circle will draw on the map there you will find the flying Dismay. Go there and defeat the enemies. These flying enemies are in number so it will take some time to defeat them.

4th Grand Hunt Task: Fallen and Can’t Get Up

You will find them on the cliff to the upper side of the camp from where you start the quest. Go and flip the baby tortoise around the shores. There will be a total of four baby tortoises. You will also be attacked by the big tortoise enemy make sure to kill them when you encounter them.

5th Grand Hunt Task: An Unfriendly Neighbor

After lipping the baby tortoise you need to defeat the Galzuda. A giant Scorpion-type enemy. You will find this on the blue mark which will display on the map. It will take some time to defeat him because Galzuda has a Big HP bar.

6th Grand Hunt Task: Scythid Raid

After killing Galzuda you need to defeat the Stream hunter which is a flying eagle enemy attacking the Creekside Grazers. You also have to kill Scthid Stalker. You have to kill multiple they will attack you in groups.

How To Conclude the Hunt Quest in WOW

After completing all the tasks you need to go back to The Tomul and blow the Grand hunting Horn to finish the Quest. Access the book to select the (I will signal the end of the grand hunt) and end the Grand Hunt quest.  

This is how you can complete the Grand Hunt Quest. We hope this guide will help you.

Grand Hunts rewards in WoW Dragonflight

There are total three grand hunts each week so upon each completion of first hunt you will get Grand Hunt Spoils satchel of Epic quality. The second weekly hunt will grant you satchel of Rare quality. The third weekly grand hunt will reward you satchel of Uncommon quality.

Quality of Spoils SatchelReward
Epic20 Centaur Hunting Trophies
Epic50 Dragon Isles Supplies
EpicChance at gear drops
EpicChance at hunting companion customizations
Epic1 Passing Renascence
EpicChance at the Plainswalker Bearer Mount
Rare15 Centaur Hunting Trophies
Rare50 Dragon Isles Supplies
RareChance at gear drops
RareChance at hunting companion customizations
Uncommon10 Centaur Hunting Trophy
Uncommon50 Dragon Isles Supplies
UncommonChance at gear drops
UncommonChance at hunting companion customizations
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