World of Warcraft Dragon flight: How to get to Uldaman Legacy of Tyr The Entrance

In World of Warcraft Dragon flight, you have to complete quests and tasks during the main story progress or as side missions. You also have to complete the dungeons. Dungeons are usually a long time taken process. Because you have to cover long distances to reach the locations and tasks that you have to do during the dungeons are also time-consuming. So you need to be fully prepared before going to a Dungeon. You will also have to complete the Legacy of Tyr during the progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get the Uldaman Legacy of Tyr from Orgrimmar Horde.

Orgimmar Horde Location:

You will be able to find this in The Seat of the Aspects (Valdrakken).

orgimmar horde location


Go to the location and you will see a temple enter the temple. When you enter the temple you will see the two portals. One to the right side and one to the left side. Both have different colors. You need to go to the red one which is on the left side. Enter and you will reach to the Origimmar.

After reaching the place follow the tunnel and move to the right side to reach the gate of Orgrimmar. You will reach the open area. Use the dragon riding and fly straight forward with the temple structure until you reach the small circular place surrounded by the pillars.

orgimmar location

Uldaman (The Dig):

There you need to interact with the black portal to enter the Twilight Highlands Dragonmaw Port. From there use dragon riding and fly towards the jungle. Then follow the mountain path straight forward from the Forbidding sea to Farstrider Lodge. From there you need to go toward The Loch and then Grizzlepaw Ridge. Until you reach the open desert area of Badlands (The Makers’Terrace). You will see a cave toward the right after reaching the Uldaman. You will be teleported to the Uldaman (The Dig). Where you’re Legacy of Tyr dungeon will start. This is a long Dragon riding journey so, suggest you to fully upgrade the dragon riding before going to the location. There are some locations discussed if you want to stay you can also stay there.

uldman location

Legacy of Tyr:

Legacy of Tyr is a dungeon you have to follow all the way up to the Uldaman. Where this dungeon will start. In Legacy of Tyr, you have to complete five tasks.

Legacy of Tyr Dungeon

This is how you can get the Access to Legacy of Tyr dungeon. We hope this guide will help you.

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