Avast Blocking Internet – Fix This Issue in a Second

Avast has a Network Performance Scan that checks your internet credibility. Due to this scan, many users complain that they are dealing with no internet access problem.

Antivirus software serves an important role in curbing online threats. However, users may encounter an unexpected hurdle: Avast Firewall blocking internet access.

Ever had your internet slam the brakes on you, thanks to Avast’s protective Firewall? It happened to me, and let me tell you, it was a head-scratcher.

But worry not! I took a digital detour, chatted with Avast support, and now, armed with the knowledge, I’m here to share the secrets.

So, if Avast is blocking the internet or is playing the tough bouncer then let’s break it down and fix it.

How To Fix Avast Firewall Blocking Internet

If the Avast firewall blocking your internet access then try one of these fixes.

1. Update Avast to the Latest Version

Avast continually refines its algorithms to combat emerging threats. If you’re facing internet access issues, updating Avast might be the quick fix you need.

  • Open Avast Antivirus.
  • Select Menu from the top right and choose Update.
  • Click on “Check for updates” under Virus Definitions and the application.
  • Avast will automatically install any available updates.
  • Restart your computer for changes to take effect.

2. Disable HTTP Scanning in Web Shield

Web Shield’s HTTP scanning can sometimes be overzealous, causing it to block legitimate websites. Temporarily disabling this feature might resolve the problem.

  • Launch Avast.
  • Open Menu > Settings.
  • Choose “Protect” from the right panel, then select “Core Shields.”
  • Scroll down to “Configure shield settings.”
  • Select “Web Shield” and uncheck “Enable HTTPS Scanning.”
  • Attempt to access the blocked website.

Note: Remember to re-enable HTTPS scanning after visiting the website for continued security.

3. Add URLs to the Exception List

Avast’s thorough scanning might flag safe websites. Adding these sites to the exception list can prevent Avast from erroneously blocking them.

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  • Copy the URL of the blocked website.
  • Launch Avast.
  • Go to Menu > Settings.
  • Navigate to General > Exceptions.
  • Select “Add exception.”
  • Paste the URL and click “Add exception.”
  • Try accessing the website again.

4. Turn Off Avast Temporarily

In situations where Avast seems to hinder your internet experience, a temporary shutdown might offer a workaround.

  • Launch Avast.
  • Open the Protection tab.
  • Select “Core Shields.”
  • Turn off all four shields for the desired time.
  • Try accessing the blocked website during this period.
  • Remember to turn Avast back on promptly.

5. Adding a Trusted Network in Avast Firewall

When you hook up to a new network, Avast Firewall takes a peek and decides whether it’s a private or public party. Sometimes, though, it might be a bit too strict. If Avast is holding your network back, you can tell it to chill by doing the following:

Note: Only tweak network rules if you really need to. Usually, Avast’s Firewall does a great job on its own.

  1. Open up Avast Antivirus and head to Protection > Firewall.
  2. Click on the Networks tab.
  3. Find the network causing trouble, then hit Show settings.
  4. Choose the “I trust this network” option.

6. Enabling Internet Access for an Application

Avast Firewall can be a bit overprotective, especially when it comes to apps trying to connect to the internet. If it’s giving a hard time to an app you trust, don’t worry – you can straighten things out.

Here’s how:

  1. Open up Avast Antivirus and head to Protection > Firewall.
  2. Make sure you’re on the Apps tab, then switch to the All view.
  3. Click on the Application name to tidy up the apps alphabetically.
  4. Find your app on the list, then click the ⋮ Options (three dots) > Show app rules.
  5. Hit the Trash icon next to any existing rules – we’re giving the app a fresh start.
  6. Now, click Add new rule.
  7. Set up the rule like this:
    • Enabled: Make sure the slider is green (ON).
    • Name: Give your new rule a name.
    • Action: Choose Allow.
    • Protocol: Choose All.
    • Direction: Choose In/Out.
    • Profile: Choose All.
  8. Click Save.

Now, every time you fire up that app, Avast Firewall will follow the rules you just set. Smooth sailing!

7. Reinstall Avast

If all else fails, a fresh installation might be the ultimate solution. Follow these steps to reinstall Avast.

  • On Windows:
    • Right-click the Start button.
    • Select “Apps and Features.”
    • Find Avast in the list and choose “Uninstall.”
    • Confirm and select “Repair” in the Avast Setup wizard.
  • On Mac:
    • Open the Applications folder and select Avast.
    • Choose “Uninstall Avast Security.”
  • Download Avast or use the original setup file.
  • Install Avast following the on-screen instructions.
  • Activate your subscription.

8. Contact Support

If none of the troubleshooting steps yield results, reaching out to Avast’s customer support ensures personalized assistance.