Dark and Darker: 7 Tips that you need to Know

There are new elements in the Dark and Darker that you need to know before starting the game. Like when to heal, when to hide, and structural factors which will help you a lot to know about Dark and Darker.

So, it will be necessary especially for the new players to learn about new mechanics for Dark and Darker if they want to progress in the game. Once you know about these mechanics, Dark and Darker will be much more fun to play.

In this guide, we will discuss 7 Tips that you need to know about Dark and Darker.

7 Tips that you need to Know in Dark and Darker

These tips will help you progress faster.

Attentively Hear Sound in Game

Sound is the most important factor in every game but in this game, sounds matter a lot because the game builds on the stats which depend on sound. This game has a different sound for footsteps which is an important part especially for sneaking.

As a default, you won’t have any shoes which make a lot of sounds while playing the game and you will be easily detectable. Lather shoes have a lesser sound and after that, the armor shoes come.

While sneaking if you have to crouch and press shift your enemy will not know where you come from. And if you use sneaking and running your enemy will hear your footsteps.

Use Light on Lamp

Darkness is your ally in this game regardless if you are Rogue. Go full Dark at any opportunity in case you stumble. This advice is more reliable for the solo player rather than the squad.

You will see multiple lamps around the room. You can switch them off to disappear while an enemy attacks you.

For squad players, this won’t work because in a squad players make more noise. You need to turn off the lights in the room so you can slip back to the previous room through the darkness. So the players won’t detect you.

Always Equip Meds and Healing Potions

Meds are already covered in a detailed guide for starting kits. However, it is necessary to mention that it’s very important to take the meds in every dungeon raid.

They are difficult to find in the raid unless you kill a player. You can check their body loots to get the medic.

Examine the Structure and Room

Before entering each room check out if the room is already disturbed by the other players. Because there will be the possibility of players in the next room. You can even sneak to check the room. Because sometimes players sneak up to attack you and kill you. Instant killing in the dark will also scare you sometimes.

Examine the structure and room

Manage Room Doors More Efficiently

Sometimes leaving doors open behind you is important for quick escape especially if your character interaction speed stats are low. So when you close the distance within the enemy he will kill you instantly. So in this situation, you can run back and save yourself.

Manage Room Doors More Efficiently

Learn the Maps

Learning the map is really important. You can go without equipping anything to learn about the so you would be familiar with the map. Study pathways and points of interest like this room on the map. This room is a great source of loot and four to five zombies spawn here.


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