Dark and Darker: How to Use Rogue Class Best Skills and Perks

Choose the class wisely in this PvPvE adventure game.

The Rouge class in Dark and Darker sits in the S tier that belongs to powerful units. The perks of Rouge playing are high movement speed, quick attack speed, fast interaction with objects, can pick locks without a lock pick, detection & disablement traps, and moving more silently. Yet all of these strength suffers from low health, damage, and magic resistance.

We have already covered the best perks and skills of Fighter Class in our previous article. Here we are going to explain the Dark and Darker best rogue perks and skills.

Best Rogue Perks in Dark and Darker

 Let’s talk about the perks. Rogue has many great perks to pick from which make the playstyle easier.

Best Rogue Perks in Dark and Darker
Ambush+50% damage if attacked within 3s after using stealth
Backstab+30% damage when the target is attacked from behind
CreepThe sound of your footsteps is reduced while walking or crouching
Dagger Expert+5% damage when wielding daggers
Hidden PocketsIlluminated items do not appear
PickpocketSteal the enemy’s item from a dungeon
Poisoned Weapon+4 magic damage over 4s w/successful attack, up to 5 stacks
StealthMove 10 steps while hiding
Trap DetectionDetect traps + disarm them

Best Skills for Rogue Class in Dark and Darker

Let’s talk about the perks and skills of rouge. Rupture is a pretty important skill for rouge. It is one of your two damage cooldowns. It will be useful if you have bad gear as it gives just flat 20 damage within time.

Best Skills for Rogue Class in Dark and Darker
HideEnable invisibility, can change equipment while invisible, cannot move
Rupture+20 damage over 5s on the next attack
Smoke Bomb-15% enemy movement speed for the 20s over a 7.5m area
Weak Point Attack+50% weapon damage on next attack; reduces target’s defense by 50% for 5s

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