How To Fix Diablo 4 Zoom Out Issue – Camera is Too Zoomed-in

Players are complaining that the camera in Diablo 4 is too zoomed in is there a way to enable more zoom-out? This issue has been discussed extensively on forums and social media platforms, with players complaining that the camera is too zoomed-in, making it difficult to see and navigate the game world.

After extensive research, we can conclude that it’s the display settings that exceed 120%, outdated drivers, corrupted game files, and minor bugs that cause this issue.

If you are also dealing with the issue and you are feeling that characters are taking up more space and you can’t properly see their movements. Worry not, in this article we have explained possible fixes to resolve the Diablo 4 zoom-out issue

How To Fix Diablo 4 Zoom Out?

Apply the below-mentioned fixes.

In Diablo 4, players can’t zoom out more than what the game allows. There are only two zoom levels in the game – one is very close and the other is the one that the game makers intended for players to use.

1. Restart the Game

The first thing you can do is restart your game. This will fix minor bugs and glitches. You can Restart the game with the help of Task Manager.

Open Task Manager > Select Process Tab > Right-Click on the process of the game > Select End Task > Again start the game

2. Update the Graphic Drivers

Outdated drivers can also cause this zoomed-out problem in Diablo 4. To fix this issue, you need to update your graphics card drivers. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Press the Windows key + X and select Device Manager.
  • Expand the Display Adapters category and right-click on your graphics card.
  • Right-click on the display driver and select Update driver.
  • Click on Search automatically for drivers and it will automatically update drivers.
  • Restart your computer and launch the game to see if the problem is fixed.

Best Alternate Way To Update Graphics Driver

Although each manufacturer has its own official site to download drivers it takes time. Especially, if you are a newbie or you don’t have time or skills then there are chances that you might end up installing the wrong drivers.

So we recommend downloading Driver Easy software on your PC. This program is a professional system driver updater that automatically scans a PC’s old driver and updates them instantly.

We have personally used this tool on our Windows 11 PC. The most favorite part is its outstanding scanning feature. You can instantly know which PC part needs to be updated.

The Driver Easy is an N0.1 software updater tool in its field with a mega database of more than 600000 drivers. Users have been using this tool for the last 12 years to fix their PC errors.

So download Driver Easy and let it deal with all the system drivers.

3. Set Display Scaling to 100%

This issue mostly arises when you have display scaling of more than 100%. So you need to set your display scaling to 100% in order to fix this issue. Follow the below steps to fix this issue.

  • Open the Settings app and go to System > Display.
  • Find the Change the size of text, apps, and other items and set it to 100%.
  • You might need to sign out of your account and then sign back in after changing the display scaling. Now Check if your game is working fine.

4. Increase the Aspect Ratio

If players want to zoom out more in Diablo 4, they can try increasing their aspect ratios to 21:9 or higher (if possible) as an alternative solution.

5. Change your Main Screen

If you are using a dual monitor setup then you might receive a Diablo 4 Zoom Out issue. You can fix the problem by changing your display settings. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Right-click on your Desktop and choose Display settings from the menu.
  • When the Display settings window opens, you should see two monitors labeled with numbers.
  • In the Display settings window, click Identity. A number should appear on your screen.
  • Now in Display settings set the monitor with the same number you got as the main monitor.
  • Save the changes.

6. Verify the Game Files

Sometimes corrupted and missing game files cause this issue. We recommend you verify the game files to resolve this issue. Fix this issue by following the below steps:

  • Open Start Menu.
  • Type “Steam” in the search bar.
  • Now, open the app and go to Library.
  • Select the game and click on the three dots available there.
  • After it, select Properties.
  • Head over to the Local Files.
  • You will see the option of “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
  • Click on it and wait for the process to get completed.
  • Now, again run the game and check whether the issue is resolved.

7. Update the Game

If you have not updated the game for a long time, we suggest you check for updates. Follow the below steps to apply this fix:

  • First of all, open the Start Menu on your PC.
  • Type “Steam” in the search bar.
  • Click on the best relevant result.
  • Go to Library.
  • Select the game and right-click on it.
  • After it, you will see the option of “Update.”
  • If there is any update available, then click to download it.
  • Now, wait for the process to get completed.
  • After it, restart your system and check whether the issue is fixed.

8. Reinstall the Game

If all the above fixes are not working for you, then try reinstalling the game to fix this issue. By applying this fix all the issues get resolved because when you reinstall the game you get all the new files.

  • Uninstall the Diablo IV.
  • Delete all the files of the game from your PC.
  • Now, wait for some time and then reinstall the game.
  • After applying this fix now check if your issue resolved

9. Contact Game’s Support

If all the above fixes are going in vain then you need to contact Game’s support and explain the issue. They will surely try to fix this issue.