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How To Download Instagram Stories Of Someone Else?

How To Download Instagram Stories Of Someone Else?

Instagram story is an amazing feature where creative people share their photos or videos with their followers. Instagram app allows users to download stories of themselves but you can’t download Instagram stories of someone else unless they allow you.

As the Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours and if you like any Insta story then you might want to download it on your android or PC.

In this article, we have explained the best methods to download Instagram Stories of someone else and save them permanently on your device.

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How To Download Your Instagram Story?

In case you are new to the Instagram app and you want to download your own story that you shared then follow these steps:

Open the Instagram app
Tap on your story
On the bottom right side and tap on 3 dots to open More options.

A new menu will appear
Select Save video or Save photo according to your demand

How To Download Instagram Stories of Someone Else

The Instagram app doesn’t allow users to download stories of another person. In case you want to use someone else’s stories for any non-commercial or legal purpose then thee are online web apps that will help you.

Option 1. Download Instagram Story Using Toolzu

Toolzu Instagram story downloader is the best tool to download Instagram Stories quickly, easily, and in good quality. Here’s how to use it:

Option 2. Download Instagram Story Using is another most popular web app to download Instagram Stories, Highlights, and Videos with one simple click.

The process is quite similar to Toolzu.

Option 3. Make a Screenshot of an Instagram Story

If the thing that you want to download from the story is a photo, image, or someone else’s picture then taking a screenshot is a good option. The steps to take a screenshot on android and iPhone varies.

To download stories containing video then download video capture software on your mobile.

How to Download Instagram Stories with Comments

There’s no way for an Instagram story downloader to download photos or images with the comments. All you can get is either photo or video.

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