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Fix: Razer Synapse Not Saving Settings On Restart

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Does Razer Synapse reset settings once you reboot your PC? It’s a very bizarre situation when you try to change Razer Synapse profile settings and get an error it’s not saving settings.

If you have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the Razer Synapse latest version on your PC. You have also updated the connected device to the latest version and still, Razer Synapse not saving settings.

Then you came to the right place in this article we will explain how you can fix Razer Synapse not saving settings on restarting PC. You can also read our article if you want to fix Razer Synapse not an opening problem on Windows 10 or if your Razer Cortex not opening or Working Properly [2021]

How to Fix Razer Synapse Not Saving Settings

Users having Tartarus Pro, Kraken 7.1, Kraken Chroma, Razer Deathadder, Razer Naga, or Deathstalker complained that when they save settings or create new profiles with Razer Synapse.

It won’t remember configuration and lose them after every restart. Here’s how you can fix them.

Fix 1. Saving the Settings Locally/Run Razer Offline

Local and cloud storage are two options to save settings in Razer Synapse 3. By default this tool saves settings in cloud. So if you face any issue there may be a wrong with online storage.

Try to store settings locally. To do this, go offline in the Razer Synapse.

  • Run this program and locate option to go offline.
  • Click on the drop-down button next to the green circle and press “Go Offline”
  • It will force the program to store settings locally

Fix 2. Create New Profile

Create new profile in the software for the product that is causing problem. Open Synapse and select the product, you will see an option on the left of the window that says “Select Profile”.

If you click the plus sign, you can make a new profile and configure settings.

Fix 3. Delete Razer Device Folder

If you delete profile folder of the installed device that is causing problem you can fix this issue.

For example if you have Kraken 7.1

DELETE: C:\ProgramData\Razer\Synapse\Accounts\AM_5456316\Devices\Kraken 7.1

Or if you have Razer Deathadder 2013

DELETE: C:\ProgramData\Razer\Synapse\Accounts\AM_5456316\Devices\DeathAdder 2013

Restart your PC and run this software to check if the problem is resolved.

Go offline in Synapse, Delete XML file in profiles folder, Set your Custom Preferences in Synapse, click “Sync Now” (or go online), Restart your PC.