Fixed: Avast Causing Internet Connection Issues

Avast has a Network Performance Scan that checks your internet credibility. Due to this scan, many users complain that they are dealing with no internet access problem.

Are you looking for a solution to Avast causing internet connection issues? If you have updated to Avast’s latest version especially the paid one then you may encounter a problem where Avast messes with your internet connection and blocks internet access.

Most of the time if you restart your system and Avast antivirus it fixes the problem but, temporarily. The last chance is to disable all the shields deactivate the firewall and you may get the internet connection back. Now your internet security will be at stake because you have stopped Avast from running.

In this post, we have explained simple troubleshooting to fix Avast causing internet connection issues.

Avast Antivirus Blocking WIFI Connection

Somewhere on the forum users have tried everything to fix the internet connection problem but all in vain.

Repaired Avast, the firewall is set to private, changed DNS settings, and Avast VPN is turned off. It won’t fix it. All system rules are enabled except for remote desktop and steal mode from public networks. Programs without defined rules: Ask. There are no other options ticked under Settings>Protection>Firewall.

Modern Antivirus Programs Protect Internet Firewall – Why?

The time has long gone when antivirus programs were just a tool to remove malware from infected PCs. Now, these tools are total security products if they can’t offer something extra then users will blame it for not protecting enough.

When network security was left to router and user it caused problems. Routers can easily be managed to run with default settings that can exploit or abuse uses DATA. Antivirus WIFI inspectors probe routers for common exploitation methods and send recommendations to fix the loopholes. But AVs like Avast have the capabilities to prevent users from accessing suspicious websites or IPs.

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How to Fix Avast Causing Internet Connection Issues

If Avast web shield or firewall blocking your internet access then try one of these fixes.

Fix 1 – Lost connection to

If Avast is breaking the connection to, it means you can’t technically lose the connection, because is essentially your own local network IP. This IP is usually used by routers and modems.

Home Network Security feature is the cause that your connection lost problem is occurring. In the latest update, this feature is known as Wi-Fi Inspector. This scans the router and attacks it to see vulnerabilities, default passwords, etc.

To fix the Avast unidentified network problem do a custom install and not install that component. You can also just remove it from Avast settings from Avast UI to test.

Fix 2 – Avast Interrupting Internet Connection

If you determined that Avast blocking DNS traffic then you will face interruption in the internet access. To fix this issue you need to identify which shield is behind. To do this,

Open the Avast application > click “Protection” on the left-hand side > click on the “Core Shields” tile > turn the shields off one by one and test if the issue persists.

Also, confirm which shield needed to be before the DNS requests go through.

Fix 3 – Download Avast Free Version

Avast Free version doesn’t have a firewall so you won’t deal with internet blocking problems. The Free version does have a web shield that only blocks accessing malicious sites.

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Fix 4 – Contact Avast Customer Support

If you can’t solve Avast no internet access problem then you should post your query on their official forum. Those users who have Paid versions can contact their 24hrs customer support to resolve any kind of problem.

Fix 5 – Do a clean Format

This solution was suggested on a tech forum. Although it’s a bit bold step to take still it worked for him. When he made sure that Avast is behind the internet connection problem.

  • First, he updated the wifi driver but it didn’t fix the network issues. He was still getting “unidentified network”, “limited access” and sometimes “no internet access” errors at all.
  • Then he tried to change TCP/IPv4 settings which sometimes worked, but the “limited access” and “unidentified network” kept coming back.
  • Lastly, he ended up the clean format to his system that fixed the problem once and for all.

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