How Tension Points Work in One Piece OdysseyΒ and How To Recover TP

Recover your TP to fight powerful enemies.

Tension Points (TP) in One Piece Odessy is a useful resource for every character that helps them execute skills in battle. TP is shown as a bar on the top of the skills. During fights, you can see how many points are remaining.

It’s a depleting resource so you should always save them for fighting strong foes. Avoid using high TP skills on weaker enemies.

In this guide, we have explained how Tension Points work in One Piece Odyssey and what are the ways to recover TP fast.

Max TP of character

How Tension Points TP Works in One Piece Odyssey

In this game, you will fight different enemies and bosses and for that, you need different skills. Most of these skills utilize TP.

The amount of TP required for any character to execute is different. Among Nami, Zoro, and Luffy Chopper relied more on TP as he heals his teammates.

If you look at the skill section to the right side you will see a TP requires to perform a specific ability.

Tension points are limited you need to earn them in order to perform a specific ability. Before performing a skill make sure to check the TP requires for that specific skill.

How to Check Your TP Points for using Skills

If you want to perform the Rashomon Skill of Zoro it will require 74 TP points and you can check the current TP points.

Rashomon Skill Zoro

Skills are mostly required against higher-level enemies like Bosses and monsters. Because they have huge HP bar and abilities. So it will require skills to defeat them and to do more damage to the bosses.

NOTE: You can also use normal skills like fists, punches, and legs against normal enemies because these won’t require any tension points.

How to Recover TP Fast in One Piece Odyssey

One thing that you should know is that TP does not recover automatically. However, there are some items and accessories that you can equip to recover TP fast.

  • You can eat food to recover TP. Or
  • Use TP as efficiently as possible and carry the rest to your next fight.

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