How to defeat the Bushy Banana Gator in One Piece Odyssey

You will explore different towns and areas where you find multiple enemies which also include the Boss Enemies. You will encounter Bushy Banana Gator which you will defeat in Desert Cave and at the end, you will get some reward.

In this guide, we will discuss How to defeat the Bushy Banana Gator in One Piece Odyssey.                          

bushy banana gator

Bushy Banana Gator

Bushy Banana Gator is a giant Alligator type boss in One Piece Odyssey. You will encounter this boss in the Desert near Nanohana. You will meet Bushy Banana Gator in the Desert Cave.

How to Defeat Bushy Banana Gator

You need to defeat the Unripe Banana Gator after that you will encounter the main boss.

How to Defeat Unripe Banana Gator

After entering the cave you will first encounter Unripe Banana Gator. You need to defeat Unripe Banana Gator first. Using the Gum-Gum Bullet skill of Luffy will give him a lot of damage. After that, the Unripe Banana Gator will attack you with his head.

defeat unripe banana gator

After that select the Zoro and use his Lion Song this ability will give Boss 547 damage. Then select Nami and use the Cyclone Tempo ability. This will give Unripe Banana Gator a little damage.

Try to use the main ability and use the Lion Song and Gum-Gum Bullet two to three time which will finish Bushy Banana Gator. As Bushy Banana Gator is not the main boss so it will take short time to defeat him.

Defeating Bushy Banana Gator

To defeat the Bushy Banana Gator you need to use Nami, Luffy, Chopper, and Zoro because these characters have the best abilities in terms of damage and healing. Before entering the boss fight make sure to get the Healing items. This will help you help a lot during the battle.

After a cut scene, your battle will begin with the Bushy Banana Gator.

First, use the Gum-Gum Bullet skill of the Luffy this will give him a little damage. Because Bushy Banana Gator is one of the main bosses in the game. So your abilities won’t affect him as much as the other enemies. You also need to use the healing ability of the Chopper after each move because Bushy Banana Gator one hit will give you a lot of damage. It will deplete more than half of your HP.

nami thunderbolt tempo skill

Use the Lion Song Ability and it will give him a lot of damage. This ability will be the most effective one against Bushy Banana Gator because it will give him 250 to 350 damage.

Use the Nami Thunderbolt Tempo skill this ability will give Bushy Banana Gator 100 damage. Just use every character ability that consumes more TP. Because the abilities that consume more TP give more damage.

Just use the High TP skills and use the healing item and the healing skill of the Chopper to defeat Bushy Banana Gator. It will take some time to defeat Bushy Banana Gator because of his HP bar.

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