Overheating PC is becoming a major problem in today’s modern computers. That’s because different PC components like CPU, GPU generates heat. In order to make PC cool, there are fans places on these components. You can easily see the CPU fan, one PC fan, and one fan placed on the power supply. The main function of these PC fans is to maintain normal PC temperature, so that overheating PC can save itself from being fried.

When any of the CPU fans or main PC fans stopped working the computer starts overheating. That when overheating PC keeps on heating up, it can cause major problems to your inner hardware. The major sign of overheating PC are;

  1. You might see a blue screen of death (BSOD)
  2. Slow PC performance
  3. You will hear a loud computer fan
  4. Sudden PC shutdown

Once you realize that there is an overheating PC problem. The next thing which comes to mind is how to fix computer overheating? is there any way to cool down my PC?

These questions are normal for that person who is worried about his PC temperature. Here I will explain, how you can solve this problem of overheating PC with simple methods.

How To Fix Overheating PC

overheating PC

You can apply the below-mentioned tips to fix overheating.

  1. Run your PC with an open case. It will surely cool down your overheating PC but the negative effect is that more heat will gather inside. I will not prefer this method for my overheated PC.
  2. Clean your PC. This is a rational solution in everyone’s mind. Because when dust builds inside the computer case it causes air hindrance. Dirt and pet hair stuck in heatsink and fans, block fresh air so use canned air to clean PC.
  3. Move Your PC in Cool Environment. Sometimes hot room also adds up to the overheating problem. In which case your only option is to move your PC to a cool place.
  4. Place Additional Fan. Case fans provide proper fresh air on the computer. They move cool air into the PC and warm air out of it. If you feel that PC is not cooling itself fast than you need to add more fans to the system. Installing case fans is very easy so, you don’t need to worry.
  5. Avoid Overclocking. Everybody wants to extract more performance from PC, that’s why they overclock their CPU. But in doing so, it generates more heat, and heat is the computer’s enemy so avoid doing it.
  6. Apply Thermal Paste. When CPU gets old they heat very fast the cheap solution to keep them cool is to apply thermal paste. It absorbs the heat more quickly and prevents your PC from overheating.
  7. Install a Water Cooling System. If the problem is a serious and overheating issue does not go away. Then the last attempt which you make made is to provide a water cooling system. This system consists of pipes and radiator water flows inside absorbs heat and then the radiator cools this water.

These are the most used methods to fix overheating PC. They can give you a better result and you can get rid of overheating PC. But if you have any other solution to fix PC overheating do share with us via posting your comment.

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