How To Make a Crafting Table In Minecraft?

Minecraft tutorial with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

A Crafting Table is the most common and useful tool in Minecraft. The crafting table helps you to craft all tools from armor to weapons, building blocks to houses. Without it, you can’t create anything, but don’t worry it’s very easy to make.

In this article, I am gonna explain how to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft survival mode and use it to make amazing gadgets. So, let’s start without any further due.

Steps To Make a Crafting Table

As a beginner, you will spawn randomly and you will see many trees animals and lakes around you. The first step is to gather the necessary resources to craft your very first crafting table.

Step 1. Walk toward any tree and click the mouse button to start chopping it. (Minecraft Pocket Edition users can tap on the device to chop the tree)

Chop a Tree in Minecraft

Step 2. Collect wooden blocks that fall down by chopping the tree.

Step 3. Open up your inventory by clicking or tapping on the inventory block appearing at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Now place the wood block anywhere in your 2×2 crafting space to get 4 Oak Planks as shown in the below picture.

open 2x2 crafting space

Step 5. Click or tap on the crafted Oak Planks to place them in your inventory.

Step 6. Now use 4 Oak Planks and place them in all 4 blocks of your 2×2 crafting space as shown in the below picture.

Place 4 Oak Planks in 2x2 Crafting Space

Step 7. Voila! You got your first crafting table now click it to move in your inventory.

Before you use this table you need to place the crafting table on the ground, For that click on the crafting table appearing in your inventory to grab it and place it on the ground.

Now click on the crafting table and you will see 3×3 crafting space. As shown in the below picture.

Make crafting table in Minecraft

Your crafting table is ready to use.

TIP: Always put your crafting table back into your inventory after you use it or you will have to make a new one if you die and respawn at another location.

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